What to Do After Registering a Domain?

The very first move to make for enabling your business available and accessible online is to register a domain name. A domain name serves as a unique address for your website with which Internet users can visit and access your site. You might be thinking about what comes next after registering a domain. Actually, it turns out that there is a lot to do once you register your web hosting domain. Picking up and buying a domain just marks the beginning of building your web presence. Dive into the subsequent sections and grab all the insights into what lies ahead of registering a domain name. 

Sync Your Domain and Web Hosting

Register Your Domain & Hosting

In order to let your website come alive and get running on the Internet, you are required to connect it with a web hosting account after registering a domain. You can find numerous kinds of web hosting such as shared server hosting, virtual private server hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, etc., available in the industry. So, you need to figure out which web hosting service will be most compatible with your online business and can accommodate your business website well. 

For instance, if your business website is small-scale and you expect low traffic volumes, you can go with the shared server hosting plan. On the other side, suppose your business website requires a considerable number of resources or you plan to acquire a significant amount of web traffic volume. In such as case, you must check out the plans of virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and other web hosting solutions based on your budget and necessities.

Once you decide to go with any web hosting service and purchase its plan, you will require to change the nameservers of your domain to the specified nameservers of your web hosting company. This may sound a bit complex, but the process is quite simple and straightforward. Here are quick steps you need to follow to sync your domain name and web hosting – 

  • First, log in to the registrar of your domain name and locate your nameservers.
  • Next, copy and paste the nameservers given by your web host into the box that contains your existing nameservers.
  • That’s it! Your accounts will get linked. It might take up to 12-24 hours for this change to reflect. 

Also, if you can purchase the web hosting from the same company where you buy a domain name for your website, the process of syncing things can be handled by your web host for you. Moreover, you can acquire the preferred domain name for free of cost by opting for the most reliable and affordable web hosting service of Hostbillo. 

Create a Website

Register Your Domain Name

Once you get yourself a domain name and a reliable web hosting service, you can hop to the next step, which is to create your website. You can build your website either by hiring a web designer to do the respective task or by handling your website creation project on your own. 

Although you need to invest more money in hiring a website designer. However, it makes your task easier and saves you a lot of time. On the other side, you can also choose to build your website yourself by employing website creation tools. Such tools like Website Creator helps the process extremely easy for you even if you do not possess any coding knowledge. 

This website creation tool involves a simple wizard that makes you walk through the whole website-building procedure, from applying a theme to including plugins. You can keep and work on your website and all of its pages in a single staging area. This helps you have a preview of what your website will look like after going live. Furthermore, you can also edit your website format separately for every different environment, such as desktop, smartphone, etc. Since the Website Creator is a part of WordPress, you also obtain support from a huge community. 

Other Things You Can Do

Buy a Domain

After registering a domain and making your website up and running online, here are some more things you can do –

  • You can build a domain-specific email address, especially when you are employing a website for your business. It is more than obvious that you, as a business owner, would likely require an email that corresponds to your new domain name. Most of the time, your web hosting company offers you at least one free email address that can go along with your business website. So, you must always check this with your web host before hoping to any other web services. 
  • You can make your social media handles that match your domain if you plan to keep your social media accounts active. Ideally, you should attempt to match your profile name with your website name. This helps your customers and prospects easily locate you while making your brand identity stronger. 
  • In case the specific name you plan to keep over other platforms gets taken, you must try appending a qualifier onto the end of it.
  • You can prepare your business cards. It does not matter if your business is operated entirely on the Internet. You can always hand out cards when you meet someone in person. You must ensure to print a fresh set of cards with your new domain name on them to let people easily find you over the web.

What Happens if you Don’t Want Your Domain Name Anymore?

Domain Name Registration

You may suffer a little buyer’s remorse after registering a domain name for your website. It happens with many users. You can get inspiration to buy a specific domain and make a decision right away without really thinking about it. If you are also the one who has bought a domain name lately and, now, it does not sound good to you for your online business, you can still come out of the trap. You can find various aftermarket websites that allow you to sell the domain name  you no longer want. Such websites typically charge a small percentage of the selling price, but you can get rid of the domain name you do not need and get some money back in your pocket.  


Picking up a domain name for your business website is a creative and fun process. It opens up numerous doors to introduce yourself, your brand, and your business to the Internet world. You must choose the relevant domain name for your website, which can represent your brand, business, or your identity. Further, your website serves as the front face of your business and is responsible for the integrity of your brand. At Hostbillo, we let you grab the most suitable and appealing domain name for your web business. If you have any domain name in your mind, connect with us right away to check if it is available. We can let you have a domain name for free with a hosting account for making your website up and live on the Internet in no time. 

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