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Transferring Domains To Hostbillo Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4.

If you are interested in transferring your domain to Hostbillo, here is how you can move forward-


Unlock The Domain

The first step in the process of Domain Transfer is to make your existing registrar unlock the domain you wish to transfer.


Obtain Your Code

The second step is to check and ensure that your domain name is unlocked and transferable. Then, you can ask your existing provider to provide you with a domain transfer authorization code.


Set Up With Hostbillo

In the further step, you are required to enter your domain in the provided field above. Then, we will take you through the remaining procedure.


Transfer Right Away

The last step is to add your domain transfer code and confirm your transfer. Your domain transfer is done!

Before You Carry Out The Domain Transfer Process, Here
Is What To Do

Ensure to follow our domain transfer checklist to begin the transfer process rightly.

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Make sure to have your domain registration for at least 60 days prior to its transfer, and further, your domain must be"unlocked" for transfer.

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For a smooth experience of your domain transfer, you must update your admins or ownership details if required.

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Backing up

Ensure to take a backup of all your data or content that you hold with your web hosting or domain provider.

rww-img rww-img


Acquire an authorization code from your existing registrar or web hosting provider. It is the transfer key or EPP for initiating the dns transfer.

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Do not forget to look for the most competitive domain prices by checking out our domain page.

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Have you decided to make a smart move of transferring your domain to Hostbillo? All you need to do is simply enter the domain you wish to transfer into the domain transfer bar above.

Why Consider Transferring a Domain To Hostbillo?

With accomodating millions of domains and counting in more every day, Hostbillo provides the safest hands where you can transfer your domain without any risk.

Simple And Automated

You just need to permit us to do your domain transfer, and the rest will be taken care of by us. You get the guarantee of automated as well as simple transfer of your domain at Hostbillo.

Zero-Cost Domain Transfer

You do not even have to look for a cheap domain transfer as at Hostbillo we provide domain transfer for free of cost. You are only needed to pay money for the domain renewal.

Excellent Prices And Discounts

You will not only find competitive prices with us but also acquire great deals and heavy discounts as a Hostbillo customer.

Additional Features

You get additional features with the new domains such as SSL, email, and much more.

User-Friendly Domain Management

We provide DNS management to our customers, which is user-friendly and can be employed efficiently without any expertise.

World-Class Customer Services

You get access to our world-class customer services that involve a 24/7 customer support team. You also get the opportunity to obtain personalized support from your own Hostbillo personal consultant.

Are You Ready?

Move your domain now or, check out our pre-transfer checklist and begin advancing your online presence.

Get Additional Features With Your Domain Name

Transferring your domain to Hostbillo makes you attain numerous extra domain features for free.


Professional Email

You can count in the professional email to your domain. We provide 2 GB of mailbox space with the new domain name.


SSL Security

Moving your domain to Hostbillo provides your website access to a free Wildcard SSL certificate. This significantly helps in boosting your Google ranking.


Domain Locking

The domain locking feature enables you to prevent the unauthorized transfers of your domain names and possess control to unlock domains.


Easy Management

We provide an easy-to-use control panel to manage and handle your online presence from an individual dashboard.


DNS Management

You get the possibility to route your DNS to Hostbillo, dedicated IPs, another host, or wherever you require.


24/7 Customer Support

You acquire 24/7 robust and expert support from our skilled and experienced professional team.

FAQs Of Domain Transfer

You obtain domain names from a web host or a registrar who registers them with ICANN at a small fee. Just as merchants, different domain providers offer a varied range of products, features, and services for different domain names. Hence, users generally choose to leave their existing domain provider for another in order to acquire enhanced customer service or a cheap domain price.
When you move a domain name from one provider to another, it is known as a domain transfer.

While transferring your domain to Hostbillo, you will be able to get an additional year on the domain registration for free of cost. Moreover, you will also acquire the amenity of administering and managing your domains, hosting, the billing-related process from a single dashboard.

3How do I transfer a domain name to Hostbillo??

It is quite a straightforward process for moving your domains to Hostbillo and you can begin relishing the privileges of our most affordable hosting services right away. No user wishes to lose their unique domain name, or we can say, the hard work involved in making their websites. Thus, we guarantee every domain name transfer or registration is easy and hassle-free.If you wish to transfer domain name to new host, first, you need to pick the web hosting plan from our website, which can fulfill your necessities. Then, after choosing the required plan, you have to enter your current domain name into the domain checker. This will notifiy that your domain name already exists. You can further select the "tranfer" simply and enter the domain transfer code you'll acquire from your former provider.

Also, make sure to create backups ofl your every website's files, databases, email accounts, and other elements with your former domain provider before you prompt the transfer of your domain name. This is because your website's data will not be transferred automatically with the domain. Moreover, you also need to copy your prior DNS settings and subdomains with your domain. Additionally, you can effortlessly switch from another host to Hostbillo at any time.

4 Are all domains transferable?

You can transfer all ICANN domains. However, the domains apart from ICANN ones can possess certain restrictions or other particular conditions. For instance, Country Code TLDs or (ccTLDs) domain extensions may have different transfer policies. The same is true for the rest types of domains. You can always connect to our domain transfer experts if you have any queries regarding the transfer of any specific domains.

Many users are unaware of the fact that domain transfer is a swift and simple procedure. You just require your existing email address and domain transfer authorization code. Also, we suggest you create a backup of all the content or data on your existing domain because this does not move to your new host.

For linking your domain to a new web host, you first need to unlock your domain name and, then, you must obtain the domain transfer authorization code. There are a few other things you need to ensure. For this, you can check out our informative blogs or reach out to our customer support base.

7Do domain transfers take a long time?

The time required to transfer your domain depends on how quickly your existing domain registrar provides responses to our requests. Incorporating all the variables, we can tell you that the best estimate to complete the domain transfer process is approximately 5-7 days. You can rest assured that we will be doing everything within our control for making sure a speedy domain transfer process.

8Does Hostbillo transfer domains for free?

No matter why you transfer your domain to Hostbillo, we do not charge any domain transfer fee from you. Also, you do not have to bear any additional for moving your domain at any time. There is only a one-time charge for the first year.

9Can I transfer .com domains to Hostbillo?

Indeed, you can transfer .com domains to Hostbillo. We accept domains types from .com to .org, .tech, and many more. We operate with all the principal registrars to enable the transfer of any top-level domain name. Further, we also provide an extensive range of TLDs if you are required to buy a new domain name or extend your brand with another domain.