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Maintain Your Domain Security Against Every Possible Threat

Your domain serves as a valuable entity. Hostbillo enables its complete protection from all security threats through add-on features, Domain Guard and DNS Pro.

How To Add Domain Guard Or DNS Pro?

We let you integrate an optional domain security feature to your new or existing domain.


Search for the domain you desire in the search bar above when you do not already have one


Add Domain Guard or DNS Pro feature when the system prompts during checkout.


Activate the domain security features with a single click in your Hostbillo account.


Do you already have an Hostbillo domain? If yes, you can simply log in and add DNS Guard or Domain Pro at any point in time.

Additional Security Features To Safeguard Your Domain

Domain Guard

Get control of your domain as well as its DNS traffic.

Secure access privileges with two-factor authentication

Confirm DNS traffic with DNSSEC encryption

Obtain proof of domain ownership

Applicable to all existing and new domains within a contract.

Cost price for first year for $1, then $15/year

Protect Your Domain

Domain Guard Detailed Features


Protection Against DNS Hijacking

Many times, hackers can redirect your domain to deceitful or malicious websites. This gives them the chance to rob the users' bank details or even assert legal ownership of your domain. With the Domain Guard, these attacks can be countered. Consequently, your DNS records can get protected.


Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication leads your domain and its records through an additional verification step during any changes. With this step, your email account receives a security link. So, it becomes manageable to prevent hackers or unauthorized users from stealing your domain.


Intensified Domain Security With DNSSEC

Your DNS records hold data that tells the way your domain is connected to an IP address. Domain Guard ensures the protection of your DNS records through DNSSEC. This provides hackers no way to exploit these critical details or reroute them to malicious destinations.


Authenticated Proof Of Ownership

We provide our customers with a domain ownership document free of cost. As a Hostbillo customer, you get the right to utilize this document to prove domain ownership to any third party or when dealing with different authorities, organizations, or enterprises.



Enhance loading time, and prevent DNS failure as well as website downtime.

  • Minimize the risk of spoofing, DDoS attacks, and DNS hijacking.
  • Incorporate Premium Anycast DNS, Secondary DNS, and DNSSEC.
  • Back up and restore DNS zones, specify and employ your own DNS templates.
Protect Your Domain

DNS Pro Features In Detail

Premium Anycast

It does not matter where your website's visitors are located. You can always enhance your web page loading speed considerably with Premium Anycast. Further, Premium Anycast maintains server locations in all continents to enable your website's visitors to benefit from a fast name resolution.

DNS Backup

You can organize custom templates for groups of DNS records in order to configure DNS zones with fast speed and utmost ease. Moreover, you can easily build backups of your whole DNS.


DNSSEC provides an extra sheath of authentication for making your domain name system more safe and secure. It helps in preventing hackers from exploiting your DNS records and forwarding queries to rogue servers.

Secondary/Slave DNS

The authoritative name server’s operator can acquire the privilege to employ Hostbillo as a secondary DNS provider. This will help in improving the uptime and functionality of name resolution.

Why Purchase a Domain At Hostbillo?

With each domain contract, we guarantee a pack of excellent features.

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To ensure your website visitors the reliable data protection, we provide you one Wildcard SSL certificate per contract. Further, you can add Domain Guard or DNS Pro to amplify the domain security.

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10,000 Subdomains

You can obtain up to 10,000 subdomains for customizing and structuring your website based on your necessities.

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You obtain a professional email address connected to your domain. Initially, you obtain 2 GB mailbox space. However, you can upgrade it anytime for more storage.

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Domain Lock

With the domain lock, you can easily prevent your domain from getting transferred by unauthorized third parties.

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Easy setup

We facilitate the one-click activation to make it straightforward for you to connect your domain with your social media profiles, email, or web hosting.

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24/7 Customer Support

You obtain round-the-clock support and expert solutions through our team that involves trained and skilled professionals.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In order to manage and retain your healthy online presence, you must ensure to protect your domain name. The foremost way to secure your domain is with private domain registration. This helps in hiding your personal contact details from the public. You can effectively mask your registration data with your web hosting provider name. However, it is only available with specific domains.
Another way to protect your domain name is with authenticated proof of your domain ownership. This enables you to prevent third-party access to your private domain data. Hostbillo provides an extensive range of features and services to assure the complete protection of your domain. For instance, the domain security products offered by Hostbillo, such as Domain Guar, DNS Pro, etc., boost the protection of your domain from DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking, and all other security threats.

We will keep renewing your contract automatically until you do not proactively cancel your domain. Further, you will also be receiving reminders and notifications for the same. Hence, there is nothing to bother about your domain expiring abruptly.

3How Are Domain Guard And Private Domain Registration Different?

Private domain registration ensures that your Whois data or information is not visible to any third party. Whereas the Domain Guard enables you to protect your domain against hackers or cyberpunks who attempt to access and modify your DNS records.