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Save Your Money with Hostbillo Plesk hosting plan to employ remarkable features and Industry-leading solutions


Unique Features You will Get with our Plesk Web Hosting

Add Multiple Domains

Want to host multiple domains under a single account? Plesk Based Web Hosting enables you to add as many domains as you want to run by altering their records. You can even let users search your site with a different domain name or domain redirections using Plesk Domain aliases. You can also add up more domains with Plesk.

Detailed Website Stats

Plesk Hosting provides you the complete statistics of your website. This means you can monitor all the aspects of your site, including page visitors, most viewed pages, Visitors' IP address, number of pages Viewed, revisitors, Visitor's OS, browsers, ranking, easy billing, and much more. This stat helps you to fix the issues and make your site user and SEO Friendly.

Strong Database Support

Plesk is supportable for Databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both databases are the Structured Query Languages that are used to fetch information from the large database efficiently. Plesk Web Hosting consolidates your site with robust and compelling database management systems. You can remotely configure the MySQL database through Plesk.

Create and Manage several FTP Accounts

FTP or File Transfer Protocol allows you to create/delete files, upload/download files, change/modify a file, and access permissions to users. The best Plesk Hosting makes it easy and efficient for you by rendering the FTP account services. It can automatically be created within Plesk once you are done with the signup process.


What is Plesk Hosting?

A Plesk Panel is a Commercial Automation Software or Windows Based Graphical User Interface(GUI). Plesk Panel simplifies, manages, and operates website and server management tasks. It gives you greater flexibility to employ its wide range of exclusive functions. You can use Plesk Server to simplify your site, manage complete configurations, administer Email accounts, Manage DNS entries, and much more through a Web-based user interface like Windows. In Addition, Plesk Hosting allows you to run multiple accounts under a single Windows-based Plesk Server.

Plesk Server is easy to use; even users with little to no experience can efficiently manage the administrations of their server. It automates the task of one or more servers with ease. Additionally, you can include other services too with the Best Plesk Hosting, such as extensions of Backup, DNS, Cloud, useful server tools, and security software.

Plesk supports content management systems (CMS) and various databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL Server. Additionally, it is incorporated with upgraded software such as applications built in ASP.Net and its respective Frameworks, Multi-Server Management, Node.js, and many more servers.

Hostbillo - Best Plesk Hosting Provider

Established in 2010, Hostbillo is a standalone and award-winning web hosting provider. We cater to various types of web hosting services across the globe and have crossed more than 10,000 happy customers to the present moment. That's why our business has grown spontaneously over the years. Because rather than words, we believe in rendering enterprise-grade services to potential customers. With all our web hosting solutions, you will experience the next level of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, most organizations choose us because of fulfilling the goal-oriented companies' requirements. We offer the best Plesk hosting associated with a wide range of exclusive features and tools that you can employ to manage your server, client access, Email Administrations, and much more. Further, Hostbillo has the best support team of engineers who are always active 24*7 to assist and fix your technical errors. So, you can easily ensure the better growth of your business without encountering any obstacles.

What makes Hostbillo Plesk hosting best?

Buy the Cheap Plesk Hosting interface to run web-based applications, control the server management, and simplify your site.

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99.90% Uptime Guarantee

We know the importance of the online presence of your website and how it matters to you! To ensure 24*7 availability of your site over the web, we provide top Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers hardware and reliable network connectivity to ensure lightning-fast speed connections. This gives you the highest uptime and lets your site run with unmatched speed and seamless performance.

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Backup and Restore

When Plesk Server is incorporated with your web hosting service, your data remains secure because we create the on-demand backups of your site data. One of the most vital benefits of employing Plesk with hosting is that you are allowed to take a complete backup of your site because the Plesk comes with reliable Backup facilities. Additionally, you are free to restore your data from a database at any time.

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Enhanced Security

No need to be worried about your website data; your data is completely secure on our web hosting with Plesk. We provide an ample range of high-quality security measures such as Secure SSH, password protection, Enable Brute Force Protection, Firewalls, DDoS protection, Advanced Encryption Standard Security measures, and much more. Additionally, our reliable infrastructure and top-tier data center-powered hardware ensure advanced data security.

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Up to 20X Faster Server Speed

Plesk Server provides multiple plugins to significantly boost your server-side processing and enhance functioning with lightning-fast speed. Additionally, the use of HTTP browser and GZIP compression reduces the server's loads by compressing the large files. So, it will consume less memory and ensure more resources, plugins, and tools for your website. So, you'll experience a 20 x faster server speed while saving more memory.

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24/7/365 Customer Support

We assure you will have a great experience while hosting your business website on Hostbillo web hosting services. You'll be given Plesk for easy server management and to perform easy operations. But if you encounter some technical problems and need assistance from our expert engineers. Then you can directly reach our customer support executives via WhatsApp, Skype, Email, Live Chat, and ticket support as we do provide 24/7/365 Plesk Server Support.

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Datacenter Choice

You can't consider the web host or data center as best until it approaches your target audience. If you want a perfect data center, you first need to check out the domain in which you have to target your brand services or the region within which your audience resides. Then, you can choose or make a smart choice of the data center situated nearest to your location from an ample range of data center locations.

Our Web Hosting with Plesk Includes

Manage Your Web Hosting Configurations with State of the Art Plesk Server Hosting's Exclusive perks.


100% SSD Storage

Our Plesk Server ensures the reliable hosting infrastructure, robust hardware tools powered by Top Tier 3 & 4 Data Centers, dedicated Solid State Drives to assure 100% SSD disks space. You can host all your site on the SSD drives that we offer with our Plesk Hosting. This means all data, including files & folders, confidential information, user ID & passwords, are all stored securely in the Solid State Drives to avoid data loss due to any instant activity and threats. Consequently, you can experience lightning-fast speed and optimal performance with SSDs.


Free SSL Certificate

Get the cryptographic protocol SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate, also known as Transport Layer Security(TLS), with our Plesk Web Hosting and earn your customer's trust. With the SSL Certificate provided with our Plesk Hosting plans, give your customers a symbol of https://. This protocol ensures the complete security of client-server communication over the computer networks as well as boosts your site ranking smoothly. Your data & information are also kept completely confidential and secure with our cPanel Server.


Create Email Accounts

Create more than 100+ Email Accounts with our Plesk Server. We provide excellent Email Services; you can create email accounts with simple steps using POP3(Post Office Protocol 3) / IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol). You can quickly receive emails, revert to them, check email status, set notifications for incoming emails, and much more. Additionally, you are allowed to customize SPAM filtering, set up secure email forwarding, and much more exclusively with Webmail Support.


1-Click Installer

Install more than 300+ applications, custom build, and self-coded software with the best Plesk Hosting. The Plesk Server allows you to install apps with one click through a softaculous installer. Available applications that you can install are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and much more. Apart from these, you can even install any security applications, Firewalls, automation, etc. This will ensure you are more familiar with the new applications. So, you can work very smoothly.


Free Website Builder

Build or construct a static page or dynamic sites without self-coded with our Plesk Hosting's Website Builder Tool. You'll be given numerous user-friendly plugins and easy-to-use tools with your plans. Our website builder tools ensure all the relevant services that you need to develop a responsive site. You can even have a choice to select a theme from the plenty of options to make your site attractive. With our website builder tool, you can develop a website without writing any codes.


Website Backup & Restore

Stop worrying about your site information and personal credentials hosted on our Plesk Hosting. With ultimate cloud-powered space and solid-state drives, ensure the large web space where you can create a complete backup. You can store all the files & folders, databases, data & information, and much more that you can retrieve later. We charge some additional prices for creating website Backup and rendering data Restore services.


Built-in Page Caching

Load your web pages and boost your site speed with our Plesk Servers. It enables built-in caching features to ensure fast execution. In Plesk's built-in caching function, all the visitor's data, site statics, etc., are stored. A Cache's primary objective is to enhance the data retrieval performance by decreasing the need to access the underlying data storage layer. So, your site remains optimal, and you'll surely experience the highest performance and 20 x faster lightning speed.


Advanced ASP.NET & MySQL

Get a reliable, completely secure, and highly stable hosting environment with exclusive features for your site with our Windows Hosting with Plesk. Plesk is the most popular and user-friendly operating system, powered by Microsoft. You need a Plesk panel License to run your site or Windows-based applications on your server. Additionally, it supports all the upgraded versions of ASP.NET, .NET Frameworks, and Structured Query Language. You can install all the sites and applications built on it on our Plesk Servers.


Complete Control on Applications

Plesk Hosting enables you to install more than 300+ applications on your hosting platform. You'll be given complete SSH or Root access through which you can easily install or remove any applications from your Plesk server. It will take less than a minute or few seconds to execute this installation and remove the process. Additionally, host your self-coded and custom software using a softaculous one-click installer on our Plesk Server.

Plesk Hosting FAQs

No, Our cPanel server is not free of cost. You can start your cPanel Hosting with just a minimum price of just $2.50/Mon.

The primary goal of both hostings is to provide an easy-to-use and simplest infrastructure to simplify administration and server management. However, both have different functions and work on different platforms.

Plesk is an easy-to-use Windows-based control panel that provides user-friendly installers for installing popular software like CMSs. Further, you can enjoy out-of-the-box features and industry-leading services with Plesk hosting.

In contrast, Cpanel is a Linux-based control panel with two interfaces: cPanel and Server Management Panel(WHM). A majority of businesses trust it because it provides the ability to set up resource-intensive sites and applications like CMS. You can have advanced tools, database tools, and backup tools with the cPanel hosting.

3What is the Latest Plesk Version?

Plesk Obsidian (18.0) is the Latest Plesk Version that we provide with our Web Hosting Package.

4 What are different Plesk Licenses?

Plesk offers different licenses for its different types of versions such as

Plesk 10 - Web Admins/Entrepreneurs with 10 Domains

Plesk 30 - Web Professionals with 30 Domains

Plesk Unlimited - Traditional Web Hosters with unlimited domains.

Every IP address on the Plesk must be designated as either a shared or Dedicated Server. A Dedicated IP address is limited to an isolated environment which means a single account in which you can host many websites as long as the sites belong to the same account.

Yes! With Plesk Hosting from Hostbillo, you can do your Reseller business easily and earn a huge amount of revenue.

7Is the Plesk License Cost included in your Plan?

Yes! You do not have to pay additional charges for the Plesk License. It is included in our VPS plans and packages.