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Benefits Of .com Domain at Lowest Price



A .com is a catchy TLD that everyone can remember on the tip of their tongue. This kind of memorable top-level domain holds supreme importance for every established business.



Oftentimes, most of the users unintentionally tend to type .com domain extension as the default extension. This helps your website automatically have increased traffic.



The .com domain name are comparatively costlier URLs than other domain endings. However, they have the highest credibility and most brands use them. They are among the most well-respected TLDs globally.



With the decline in the .com domain availability, its domain's value is going higher. Therefore, most users already having it are not giving up their domain or not seeking domain alternatives.

Why Buy a .Com Domain?

More than 90% of five character .com domain hybrids are still not taken!

Most Prevalent And Recognized

The .com domain extension is among the most trusted and recognized domains worldwide. From global companies, local enterprises, to startups, all have the right to employ a .com domain name to link with their audiences and launch their brand online. Nothing can be compared to the professionalism and dependability that come along with the .com top-level domain (TLD). You can effectively place yourself for a successful online presence with a cheap URL and relish the privileges of owning a .com website. This is also the perfect solution for those wanting to earn foundation in the international market.

The Exemplary Address For Your Company

The .com domain extension is short for 'commercial' and was created in the 1980s. You can encounter it everywhere. Almost half of all the websites utilize .com. Its high credibility has made it the global standard for online presence. Thus, each Fortune 500 company, and the globe's fastest-growing corporations, have this domain extension. Often, the .com domain ending is utilized to engage with the multi-national audience, specifically when it comes to online hoards. Moreover, its reliable and responsible character makes it highly worth the attention when it comes to dealing with sensitive information and personal details for online purchases.

Buy a .com domain today to position your business at success and join millions of brands, corporations, and entrepreneurs with a domain name from Hostbillo.

How Do I Begin With a .Com Website?


First Check For .Com Domain Availability

First, discover the ideal .com domain employing our domain's powerful search engine.


Construct Your Website

Next, add our website builder during the checkout process in order to build your websites with professional quality and no technical experience.


Send Email

Finally, add an email during checkout to begin marketing your new website.


How Can I Transfer a .com Domain?

We provide a quick and straightforward process to let you transfer your .com domain name. In order to initiate your .com domain transfer, you can click on "Transfer Now" below, and further, our Domain Specialists will assist and support you in navigating the process. Every .com domain transfer into 101domain involves the renewal for an extra one year or more. Therefore, you will not lose any time and, instead, can save money and obtain access to the largest portfolio of extensions in the industry and 101domain's robust domain management system.

.Com Domain - The World's leading Web Address

Join the millions of users who have found success with a .com domain name.

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We provide a professional email address associated to your domain. It comes up with 2 GB of mailbox space initially. Further, you get the privilege to upgrade it anytime for more space.

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From Hostbillo, you get Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. It comes incorporated with your first domain. This enables the steadfast security of your website visitors and a higher SEO ranking on Google.

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10,000 Subdomains

You acquire up to 10,000 subdomains with the .com domain registration at Hostbillo for customizing and structuring your website.

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Easy Setup

We enable one-click activation to enable you easily link your domain with web hosting, social media platforms, or email.

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Domain Lock

You get a domain lock security feature in order to prevent unauthorized attempts while transferring your domain.

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24/7 Customer Support

With Hostbillo, you get the 24/7/365 customer support guarantee via an experienced, skilled team of professionals.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About .Com Domains

During the introduction of the Domain Name System, the first top-level domains (gTLDs) generic created was .com. Since then, the .com has been the most popular domain extension. The .com domain stands for "commercial". It was earlier employed by and to distinguish business on the web. However, with the advancement and progress of the Internet, the .com domain has come much more forward than its commercial significance. Today, the .com domain is used everywhere from organizations, government departments to educational facilities. Consequently, it has acquired a huge reputation as one of the most worthy and dependable TLDs available for enhancing the profile of a website significantly.

Once you have decided the apt top-level domain you need for your website or business, one that can ensure to leave a pleasing first impression, the very next step is to make sure that it is available. Hostbillo provides a quick and easy way to discover the .com domain availability with the free and simple tool. All you require is to type in your preferred domain name, and our domain checker will tell you whether or not it is available. In case your desired domain name is already taken, the domain checker presents you with an array of likely alternatives.

3Why Should I Register More Than One .Com Domain?

The .com domain is the most typically utilized domain extension all over the globe. The prime reason for registering multiple .com domains is to enable your business to expand. Also, registering multiple domains leads you to protect your brand online by securing your domain name.

4 How Can I Get .Com Domain Free?

Yes, it is possible for you to acquire a free .com domain with one of our specified packages. You can connect to our professional team to acquire more knowledge about the possibilities for a free domain

Ensuring the mentioned points can make your domain name valid -

-Your domain name must include a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters.

-It must start with a letter or a number and terminate with a letter or a number.

-It must make use of the English character set and may incorporate letters (i.e., a-z, A-Z), numbers (i.e., 0-9), and dashes (-) or a combination of these.

-It must neither start with nor terminate with a dash.

-Your domain name must not contain a dash in its third and fourth positions.

-It must not incorporate any space among its characters.

Hostbillo provides you the privilege to get your domain registration instantly.