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What is Domain Registration?

There is nothing tricky when it comes to domain registration. It is simply the process of discovering the web address and then signing up to utilize it. Domain registration can be understood as leasing an individually owned residential unit in an existing building. Technically, you do not hold or own the domain. However, once you register the domain, you get the right to keep it till you continue to pay the annual registration fee.

Gain a Lot More Than Just Cheap Domain Registration

Registering the domain with Hostbillo provides numerous benefits from our extensive features.

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Premium DNS

The managed DNS (Domain Name System) is known as the premium DNS. The premium DNS enables you to manage the advanced features of your DNS settings. Consequently, you can easily intensify the integrity, functioning, and data security of your website.

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ID Protection

ID protection serves as a service that lets you secure your confidential and private information or details from being revealed publicly in the global WHOIS database. Further, ID protection can be employed for various domain names except those the registry rules restrict the masking.

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10,000 subdomains

We Let Our Customers Acquire Upto 10,000 Subdomains. With this, one can design, structure, and customize their website exactly as required.

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Easy setup

In order to facilitate easy setup, we provide the one-click activation. This extremely helps in making it quite simple and straightforward to connect your domain with social media profiles, email, or web hosting.

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Domain lock

The domain lock is a feature that provides assurance of domain protection. With the help of a domain transfer lock, you can ensure that your domain does not get transferred by unauthorized third parties.

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24/7 customer support

Our professional, skilled customer support team remains available 24/7 to provide help and solutions. You can acquire the expertise regarding any issues or problems as and when you require.

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Easy management

We let our customers have easy management. You get our user-friendly control panel designed for controlling and managing things smoothly. So, you get the possibility to handle your online presence effortlessly from one single dashboard.

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DNS management

With our DNS management, you can readily route your DNS to us, another host, dedicated IPs, or wherever you need or desire.

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There are times when you can forget to renew your domain and, as a result, you can lose it the next moment. Therefore, we set up and enable the auto-renew feature to save you from losing your domain unconsciously.

Why Do You Need a High- Valued Domain Name?

Build Business Credibility

The domain possessing high value has the power to immediately propel your website into the field of top competitors in your industry. On the other side, it enables you to establish the trust of your web business with the Internet users quickly that can otherwise take years to develop.

Make your Brand more visible

With a compelling domain name, your brand does not only acquire professional credibility but also makes it stand out from the millions of successful websites out there on the Internet. This enables your brand to obtain more visibility while constructing awareness and drawing customers towards it.

Better Search Engine Rankings

While registering a keyword-rich domain name, you can provide an instant boost to your SEO team efforts. Such a domain that has been on the Internet for a long time possesses a ton of backlinks. This helps to move users with referrals from other websites to your own and lets your website acquire the best possible SEO ranking.

Create a Unique Online Identity

The valuable domain enables mobility for your brand's web presence. It lets you acquire the reputation to claim your region online. Further, no matter what happens, you can have your domain name stay with you. This permits you to construct your new or lost brand without having to start all over.

Make the right investment

Investing in the right and effective domain can let you advance your online business and formulate your brand. Also, considering the long-term perspective, such a domain is highly valuable and functions as a desirable asset if you later wish to sell it in the web market.

Create, Boost and Protect Your Brand With Utmost Ease


Create your online presence

Construct your online presence with Hostbillo by buying a unique and effective domain name that makes you stand out in the web market. You get the possibility to register a domain for up to five years. Further, you acquire the redemption period for restricting other users from taking away your domain name the moment your contract ends.


Boost your brand

You can design a beautiful and engaging website and set up your professional email address. And to boost your brand, you can connect your social profiles to your domain or forward visitors to other targets such as your LinkedIn profile, Instagram page, etc.


With a provider, you can rely on

We manage and administer millions of domains and possess an extensive portfolio of domain extensions. You can discover all kinds of extensions with Hostbillo. Moreover, you also get the option to pick from one of our premium domains in order to construct your brand. Since our prices are highly competitive in the industry, we are sure that you can locate the right domain at the right price with us.


A domain name involves a string of text that directs to a numeric IP address. This address is employed to access a website from client software. You can relate a domain address as a street address for your website. Without a domain name, you will be required to inform your website’s users to visit your website at an IP-based URL, such as 456.456.147.455/~yourwebsitename. However, with the domain name, your customers can reach out to your website at, which is far easier to remember than the IP-based URL.In order to be successful in the web market, you must buy domain name that ensures a level of professionalism, suitable branding, and overall reachability.

As stated in the previous FAQ, a domain name serves as an address of the street for your website. On the other side, web hosting can be referred to as the actual home address of your website, which comprises all the website's files, media, databases, and rest information. Your website requires both street and home addresses in order to be active and keep functioning. However, they both definitely are two different elements of the complete website's address.

3How much do domain names cost?

The cost of the domain name depends on multiple aspects. For instance, it is possible to search for each domain through its endings also. For some domains, you will be required to pay a higher amount. This is because every domain holds different statuses, namely general top-level domains (gTLDs), new top-level domains (nTLDs), and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

4 How do I register a domain name?

Purchasing a domain is the foremost and smooth process. It is also significant for establishing your online presence. For registering your domain name with us, you can follow the given below step-by-step guide -

- First of all, confirm if the domain name you want is available or not. You can check this by employing our domain check tool. This tool will let you know if your desired domain name consists of invalid characters, or if it is already taken.

- The next step for you is to select the domain ending you want to purchase. You get the option to purchase more than one at a time. Furthermore, it will be eminent if you can -
a. Guard your domain name across the board
b. Recognize domain extensions that are already taken
c. Evaluate if you wish to compete with the already existing domain name or opt for a new domain name.

- Further, you need to add your extension to your shopping cart.
In this step, you are needed to confirm your order for details such as -
a. the domain name's expiration date
b. the duration period you want to buy the particular domain name
c. the number of domains you are willing to claim.

- Then, you need to create your new customer account if you do not own one with us.

- Choose your payment method and buy your domain. After this, you will be all done with your domain name registration procedure.

Note: As an existing customer, you can add new domains anytime you need. You just have to visit the Hostbillo control panel and select "add new domain" from the domains menu.

Subdomains have a major part to play when we take into consideration how the Internet is organized. They are the branches of the domain name of a website's address and are arranged hierarchically. For instance, the website's name "" involves three elements that are divided by a period. The first element is ".com", the second is "system" and the third part is "tech". The third element is a subdomain of the second element, and the second element is a subdomain of the first.

Subdomains are employed to divide your website into different classifications. Check out the outline of some possible websites classifications and their advantages:

-Target geographical areas, or language groups
If your website is in German and French, a subdomain can be utilized to show that the particular segment of your website is in French, and not German. So, rather than using just, you can employ Moreover, if you provide different services or products through your website, you can keep a subdomain for each product-oriented section, such as or, etc.

-Gated content
You can keep different subdomains for account pages or logins on your website. This extremely helps to organize your website for yourself and your end customers.

-Better tracking
Keeping a subdomain enables you to track the success and accomplishments of your website quite precisely. It lets you recognize the performance of each area or aspect of your website and the room for improvement.

Note: Subdomains play an important for SEO as well.Although, it is not as significant to optimize the subdirectory and subdomain for doing SEO successfully as it was a few years ago. However, using subdomains as a tool for SEO is still worth it. For instance, you can attempt to add keywords into your subdomain URL when they do not make sense in the main one. Moreover, you can create the dominance of your website in a smaller, niche web market.This will further help you to boost the authority of your principal domain as well. On the other side, it is quite valuable to maintain the option for multiple subdomains as they can enhance the chances of your website being visible in search engine results.

It is quite a straightforward process for moving your domains to Hostbillo and you can begin relishing the privileges of our most affordable hosting services right away. No user wishes to lose their unique domain name, or we can say, the hard work involved in making their websites. Thus, we guarantee to make every domain name registration or transfer easy and smooth.If you wish to transfer your existing domain with us, first, you need to pick the web hosting plan from our website, which can fulfill your necessities.Once you have chosen the plan, input your current domain name in the domain checker tool. At this point, you will be notified that your domain name already exists. You can further choose the "tranfer" option and enter the authentication code you will acquire from your former provider.
Also, you must ensure to create backups of all your website's email accounts, files, databases, and other elements with your former domain provider before you prompt the transfer of your domain name. This is because your website's data will not be transferred automatically with the domain. Moreover, you also need to copy your prior subdomains and DNS settings with your domain. Further, with Hostbillo, you get the privilege to effortlessly transfer your domain from another provider at any time without any hassle.

7What is meant by DNS, and how is it related to domain names?

Each domain name possesses a link to an address on the world wide web, which is called an IP Address. This IP address displays a lengthy string of numbers. Whereas domain names enable the Internet users to visit the websites easily without the need for this numerical address. For instance, when you browse our .com website, your browser and computer system tend to read our site's DNS (Domain Name System) records. So, DNS lets you locate our website's files stored on a web server. Further, this is a quick directing procedure that permits your browser to access and load websites.
If required, you can maintain your registered domain with one company and store your website's email accounts and files on another different web hosting server. To acquire detailed knowledge about DNS, including how to complete a DNS transfer with us, you can reach out to our customer support service.

8How do domain name registries operate?

A domain name registry is basically an administrative organization. It issues unique domain names to the distinct users from a central database. It also serves as the location where every information linked with new domain name registration is maintained. Generally, the hosting companies take care of the domain name registration process on their customers' or clients' behalf. We, at Hostbillo, handle everything related to your domain name registration. And, you do not have to ever get bothered about reaching out to a registry concerning your domain name.
Regardless of your web hosting company, you will have complete authority and control over the domain name that you own in the registry's database. At Hostbillo, you can gain the advantage of the competitive rates and seamless registration service we offer right from the point you get done with the signing up.

9Can you purchase domain names and sell them?

Yes, you are allowed to sell the domain names that you purchase. When you no longer require the domain names you bought, you can easily sell them via Namecheap. For more details, you may contact our customer support team.