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Shared Hosting


Email Account

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Reseller Hosting

30 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email IDs

Free SSL


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VPS Hosting

1 Core CPU


25 GB SSD Storage

250 GB Bandwidth


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Dedicated Hosting

E3-1230V3 3.30 GHz


250 GB SSD Storage

20 TB Bandwidth


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Best Web Hosting Solutions For Faster Business Growth

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest option you can have as it enables you to share the same physical server and its resources with other users. It serves as an ideal choice for beginning your online business, low-traffic website, and less resource-hungry web entities.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is based on virtualization technology and renders a private hosting platform. It provides an excellent option for those who need to upgrade from their shared hosting plans but do not want to invest in buying the entire server.

Dedicated Server

With dedicated server hosting, you get an entire server that functions only for the purpose you want. It provides an independent, isolated, and secure hosting environment with high availability of resources, greater scalability, and root access.

Domain Services

At Hostbillo, we enable our customers to begin from the core and obtain a kick start by providing excellent domain services. You can easily discover and register the best and most competitive domain names at the cheapest prices.

Who Can Benefit From Our Best Web Hosting Services?


Small Businesses

At Hostbillo, you can get the right amount of resources, reliable data security, and highly cost-effective Web Hosting Solutions to run your small businesses productively.


eCommerce Platforms

With our powerful web hosting services, you acquire the high capacity, apt tools, and scalable resources to host e-commerce businesses flexibly. This also gives you a high possibility to generate greater profits.


Large Agencies

We offer 24/7 technical support, redundant power, and enterprise-grade hardware with our web hosting plans that one can easily upgrade based on their business growth. This enables large companies to deliver seamless performance to their end customers.



Blogging serves as an easy and swift way to build an online presence by posting your thoughts on any topic. Our web hosting network solutions let you boost your blogs and draw a larger audience towards them.


Personal Websites

At Hostbillo, you can get the low-cost and ideal web hosting plan for hosting your personal website with maximum uptime and high efficiency while enabling it to acquire the best possible SEO ranking.

Which Web Hosting Solution Is Best For Me?

Shared Hosting

Enables sharing of resources on a physical server among the websites

Provides good performance

Does not permit customization at server-level

Offers sufficient security

Restricts server configurability

Comes with full customer support

Can manage low-traffic websites efficiently

Offers limited scalability

Comes at cheapest pricing

VPS Hosting

Virtualizes the physical server to let websites acquire dedicated resources

Provides optimal performance

Permits great virtual server-level customization

Offers high-level secuity

Almost allows server configurability

Comes with great customer and technical support

Can manage the traffic of small to medium-scale


Offers high scalability

Comes at affordable pricing

Dedicated Hosting

Enables the access to entire server and its resources

Provides excellent and high performance

Permits complete server-level customization

Offers advanced and enhanced security

Does not restrict server configurability at all

Comes with excellent and customer and technical instant support

Can manage high volume traffic on large websites

Offers very high scalability

Comes at comparativel high prices

Why Hostbillo has become a popular choice for Website Migration?


Transparent Services

At Hostbillo, we provide complete transparency with our world-class services as well as billing system.


Reliable Customer Support

Our team of highly skilled professionals make themselves available 24/7 to provide reliable, instant, and expert customer as well as technical support.


Affordable Pricing

We offer numerous Web Hosting Solutions with excellent support at the most affordable and competitive pricing.


One-Stop Solution

Without a doubt, Hostbillo serves as a leading and dedicated one-stop solution for all your web hosting necessities.

FAQs - Web Hosting Solutions

A web hosting solution is a kind of Internet hosting service that provides the facilities required for building and maintaining an online presence while making it accessible on the World Wide Web. The enterprises or companies that offer web hosting services are known as web hosts.

There are six most popular and effective web hosting services that you can often come across -

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Reseller Hosting


What is domain vs web hosting?

Web Hosting enables you to store content on a server to make it available and accessible on the World Wide Web. Whereas domain serves as the address that enables web users to visit and access the content of the particular site on the Internet.


Which Web Hosting Services do you provide?

At Hostbillo, you can obtain the following range of services -

Shared server web hosting

Virtual private server web hosting

Dedicated server hosting

Domain registration services

Unmanaged web hosting services

Managed web hosting services

Reseller web hosting services

Yes, indeed! We provide seamless domain registration services at the most affordable pricing. With Hostbillo, you can discover and register the required, most competitive, and reliable domains for your web business.

We provide a 7-days credit back policy with all the hosting servers' plans. So, you can purchase the web hosting plan(s) with Hostbillo without worrying about your money and time investment.