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Construct, host, and operate your e-commerce websites flawlessly on our highly reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure.

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Unbeatable Performance

99.90% Uptime

SSD Storage

Full Root Control


Key Challenges eCommerce Businesses Face

Slow Loading Speed

Since massive amounts of static data held on servers are processed daily, consumers in different network environments can encounter slow data loading speed, resulting in an unsatisfactory user experience.

Sudden Rise in Traffic

E-commerce websites can encounter sudden traffic surges numerous times during promotions, flash sales, sweepstakes, and upgrades. Consequently, servers confront overloads that may even crash e-commerce platforms.

Poor Security

E-commerce businesses can face troubles and vulnerabilities in several processes, like ordering, payment, etc., that may occur from DDoS attacks, scalpers, account leakage, and other reasons.

Performance Issues

Existing e-commerce environments and corresponding data analysis tools lack competent data analysis abilities. Consequently, the key business decisions as per data output become challenging, and performance issues occur.

How Hostbillo will lead your eCommerce business to Faster Growth?


99.90% Guaranteed Uptime

Our powerful servers provide redundant power and secure network channels. And, your e-commerce websites acquire 99.99% uptime assurance with every hosting plan or package.


Excellent Server Security

Hostbillo enables excellent server protection by implementing contemporary and advanced security measures including data encryption, in-built antivirus software, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), etc.


Superfast Speed

You acquire superfast speed for your e-commerce websites with our robust servers. This enables your end customers to obtain the fastest loading speed and seamless performance.


Full Root Access

You can gain complete root access to your server for configuring and customizing it based on your e-commerce business requirements.


1-click Installer

We provide our customers with a Softculous one-click installer to install the desired applications as many as hundreds of them in just a click.


24/7 Customer Support

At Hostbillo, you get 24/7 support from our proficient team of professionals and experts for all your trivial queries and technical issues.

Achieve Desired Results


Better User Experience

With our servers with enterprise-grade hardware and top-quality data center services, you can ensure a better user experience right from their visit to your site.


Greater Customer Conversion

While providing the excellent and fastest-speed experience to your end-customers, you can retain as well as increase the customer conversion rate.


Improved SEO Rankings

With Hostbillo hosting, your e-commerce website can deliver the fastest speed, highest uptime, and smooth performance and consequently attain the highest possible ranking on the search engines.


Higher Security

We at Hostbillo make sure to provide all the security measures required to ensure the complete data protection of our customers' e-commerce businesses against every security threat.