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Hostbillo Data Centers

Speed-Up and strengthen your Digital Progress with Hostbillo Hyperscale Data Centers' Seamless Services and Facilities

99.90% Uptime Guarantee

Uninterrupted Network Connectivity

Data Resiliency

Upto 100 Gbps bandwidth slot

Multiple locations


Multiple Location Data Centers


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North America


Opened: November 2019

Capacity: 2500+ Servers

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North America


Opened: July 2020

Capacity: 2500+ Servers

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North America


Opened: February 2017

Capacity: 2500+ Servers

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North America


Opened: August 2019

Capacity: 2500+ Servers

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Boost Your Aims of Innovation Through our Mechanization, Engaged, Highly Protected, and Managed Services, along with End To End SLAs Ownership.

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Reliability & Scalability

At Hostbillo, you can acquire add-on nodes to your Data Center Cluster without interruptions. This helps in enhancing efficiency while avoiding any downtime. Every existing node enables the cluster to bring the index and plugins associated with it for providing amplified scalability. Consequently, you get hassle-free deployment and maximum uptime network.

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Reliable Infrastructure

The power loss of even a second can lead to affect IT equipment negatively and thus, make you bear the unavailability of systems from minutes to hours. Our data centers incorporate a robust storage infrastructure based on resilient and modern technologies. Outsourcing them instead of traditional storage systems ensures zero power failure and no malfunction collision.

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Secure Rack Space

With our data center, we offer rack space that is highly safe and secure to keep your server and prevent misfortunes of data loss. The rack spaces include managed and systematics storage systems that ensure reliable as well as efficient network devices. Further, they also help in diminishing the problem of portable technology.

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Improving Efficiency

When you attempt to employ the power manually, it can seriously cause dilemmas in IT equipment. Our data centers are meant to let you experience intensified technology functions and provide the highest speed with the latest facilities. With Hostbillo, you can have improved efficiency assurance and privatized power.

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Multilevel Security

We ensure to provide high-level protection to your server data with our multi-level security that includes all the levels from physical to cyber security assessment & threat management. You also get the root control to decrease downtime and intrusion threats. Moreover, our team of professionals and engineers remain available to recognize and fix the potential risks on time.

Our Service Offerings

Grab the excellent and perfect solutions that facilitate transcendence in local service delivery while boosting your business to operate globally.



Our colocation services come with high-quality infrastructure and built-in scalability. You can acquire customized solutions as well as adequate control and compliance.


Remote Hands

With our remote data center capabilities and services, you can obtain the 24/7 support of technicians onsite for your technical needs while remotely managing your projects or specialized teams.


Ancillary Technical Space Services

Hostbillo ensures top-tier equipment and provides seating space as shared office space, custom office space, or dedicated cabin for steady operations.


Add-on Services

We make complex tasks a lot easier with our comprehensive lift and shift, media administration, hassle-free delivery, and structured cabling services.

Features of Our Data Centers:

SLA Backed Network Uptime:

We make sure to keep your online business functional round-the-clock through our assured network uptime of 99.90% with a Service Level Agreement.

Lowest Latency:

We provide leading-edge servers as well as ingenious modern techniques while ensuring the lowest latency for your business and applications. This helps to ascertain maximum user satisfaction.

Prompt Technical Assistance:

An expansive team of technology specialists operates 24/7 at Hostbillo. The team enables you to have your queries addressed and resolved within a minimum time.

Carrier Neutral Facility:

Hostbillo also serves as a carrier-neutral data center facility. So, we let web businesses opt for the best and required telecommunication network as per their needs.

N+1 Redundancy:

Our data centers are fully redundant. Thus, they make your business unsusceptible to component failures or power outages while guaranteeing power backup and multiple recovery systems.

Hostbillo Resolves Every Challenge Teeming With Datacenter Industry

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Risk mitigation

Running SAP-certified and ISO-compliant data centers, we embark on every effort to eliminate IT risks while ensuring a secure hosting ecosystem for your web business.

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Express rollouts

We enable maintenance during minimal traffic on your site or when your apps are dormant in order to avoid any disruption of update rollouts and rollbacks.

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Surplus Workforce

At our data centers, we lead quality accompanied with quantity and allocate surplus workforce to resolve your queries in no time as well as maintain your servers effectively.

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360-degree, flexible Services

Indeed, a one-size-fits-all solution does not exist in the hosting industry. At Hostbillo, we tailor customizable solutions that bend and serve effectively according to your business necessities.

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Unrivaled Support

Our customer and technical support remains available 24/7/365, and provides quick solutions for all your issues, from basic to paramount server matters.

Why us Hosbillo?

At Hostbillo, we meet all your data center requirements. Your journey becomes effortless through our smooth migration services and advanced IT equipment.


Reduced Upfront

With Hostbillo datacenters, you can acquire a prepared platform with all the necessary hardware and workstations while reducing considerable upfront capital investments.


Near-zero downtime

We enable our customers to have almost zero downtime. Our data centers guarantee 99.90% uptime network assurance with redundant power.


Automated backups

We provide you with access to an automated backups facility. You can reschedule it as per your desired frequency settings to attain uniform backup success rates.


Agile Functions

Our datacenters supporting agile functions enable you to align IT infrastructure with your business objectives and gain incredible outcomes.



You can easily meet your varying business growth and traffic expansion by scaling up and down the resources or services at Hotbillo.

Data Center India FAQ

A data center serves as a facility to house the IT operations of the companies, from where data gets administered, managed, and distributed. Data centers incorporate hundreds to millions of dedicated servers that get interlinked through a common network. Numerous hosting solutions like virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, etc., are all powered from a data center.

Moreover, the data centers are categorized as either internet-facing or enterprise centers depending upon the type of service. Internet-facing data centers tend to support fewer applications and are less robust than enterprise-center. Whereas the enterprise centers tend to support fewer users due to the demand of colossal. The Internet service can not function without data centers as all the online data has to get stored and retrieved from somewhere eventually. Every website, application, software, update, and any other entity having an online presence come from one of the data centers existing in our world.

The cost of data center services in India depends on multiple numbers of conditions. When it comes to renting commercial space in India, the charges can vary from a few hundred to several thousand INR per square foot as per the location. Besides this, significant expenses can incur in procuring web servers as well as establishing the ideal and desired working environment.

There are many data centers in India offering colocation facilities to the people who need to leverage the flexibility of a data center but cannot or does not wish to pay the upfront cost. With the colocation services, you can pay the respective costs monthly that will be dependent on the resources you utilize.

There exists yet another pocket-friendly alternative apart from what you just learned. It is buying a server hosting plan. With this, a hosting provider rents you a server or its resources and, in turn, costs you for all the underpinning activity.

3Which Company Has The Best Data Center in India?

The best data center in India implies that the respective data center has the capability to meet all your demands and requirements. So, you must seek the one such. Hostbillo owns data centers that fulfill your needs as well as have a customer-friendly approach. This allows our customers to get the freedom of tailoring a plan according to their necessities. We enable you to compose your own configuration in the system while aiming to satisfy your expectations with our enterprise-grade infrastructure and world-class facilities. Hostbillo has established numerous data centers across worldwide to provide you with the most serene IT experience and seamless facilities you can ever have.

4 How Are Data Centers In India Classified?

The approach of data centers classification is similar wherever the facility is situated regardless of the country or area. At present, data centers are well classified into four tiers. They are Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, & Tier IV. The higher number of Tier levels tend to provide sounder and more progressive technology. For instance, Tier 1 data centers are now quite outdated. However, people still employ them because these data centers can get set up at the cheapest costs. Tier I data centers comprise just sufficient elements to keep them driving. They incorporate a single path for power and colling and have no redundant segments in the system. Therefore, even minor glitches such as a component failure can cause the entire data center to become ineffective and out of operation.

Tier II data centers are an advancement over Tier I. They integrate many redundant components, cooling, and power lines. Although the system is not entirely fault-tolerant, significant issues like power disruption and inaccurate supervision, etc., do not affect data center operations at all.

Tier III data centers offer the ideal combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. They include uplinks, multiple power sources, and redundancy in almost every element.

The Tier-IV data centers are recognized for having the most advanced operations. They are fully redundant and fault-tolerant. Further, they can host several uplinks and backups. So, basically, you can step up a tier by paying more money to gain a performance advantage.

Yes, absolutely, you can outsource operations to data centers in India even if you are from some other country. Hostbillo data centers in India offer the industry-best IT solutions that are highly reliable as well as most affordable. Outsourcing IT operations with us never hamper your IT but rather intensify it by eradicating unnecessary responsibilities off your shoulder. The high availability of skilled and proficient labor at our data centers makes it possible to deliver excellence to you.

Moreover, the location of the data center will hardly impact your business. So, opting for a hosting provider in India or in the US makes quite a little difference. In case you wish to extend the reach of your online business to differeny country, it would be better to host your business website in the country’s native server considering the proximity to the end-users.