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General FAQs - Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Web hosting provides access and storage space for websites and web applications.web hosting providers offer specific hosting environments where numerous services are set up such as dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting.

Yes, you can Purchase Web Hosting Without A Domain Name. It is not necessary to purchase a domain name when opting for any of our web hosting services. Using temporary URL, you can able to get into your website without purchasing a domain name.

A user can enter the URL of your website into the web browser. Then, the DNS locates the computer that hosts the files for the inputted URL and-once identified-tells the web server to load the files of your website to the web browser. Web hosting providers construct their infrastructure with email servers, web servers, and database servers in order to achieve this functionality.

You can order setups of shared web hosting. Also, we can assure your account will ready in 15 to 20 minutes, while you can complete an order verification process in 5 to 15 minutes.

The type of web hosting you need is depends on your website or web app you are going to host. Once you know the required resources to run your website smoothly and securely, you can determine the level of web hosting service you needed. In addition you have to determine which service and features needed. Finally you can confirm the idel balance of budget and requirements. However, web hosting services are particularly scalable, so you just have to find the appropriate fit for your web hosting.

We provide round-the-clock customer support service with VPS hosting plans and packages. You can connect with Hostbillo's professionals and specialists anytime via different communication mediums to get instant solutions or answers to your queries or server issues.

we have ensure that our web hosting environment can be utilized with ease. We make use of multiple control panels on our VPS, dedicated and shared server solutions. These panels are made in a way that ensures our users do not need any full-scale technical knowledge to carry out tasks like email creation, website uploading and database uploading. If you still need any help you have access to friendly and responsive customer support working 24/7/365 at your fingertips via email, phone, or live chat.

The concept is simple: you purchase web hosting services in bulk and receive a easy discount. You can then resell these services for an even heavy profit.The sole purpose of a reseller hosting plan is to provide the resources and tools needed for you to create your own web hosting business from scratch. As a reseller holder you will receive access to server resources that can be controlled and passon by you onto your clients. You have complete control over the software configuration of server, as well as the allocation of server resources and the structure of hosting plans. You can create custom hosting plans using the reseller tools included in your account. You have the ability to brand your hosting company and offer a custom control panel with your company’s logo within your client's web hosting control panel. You can even rename the plans, customizing them according to any specifications you wish. You may also bundle the server resources with other web-based services.

With reseller hosting services, you’re not running or managing any of the hosting server’s yourself. Instead, hosting services in bulk and recieve a discount and then you’re renting out these servers, branding them with your own company. Since everything is white label, it’s as if you’re running your own web hosting services company. Your customers will never know that it isn’t you.

A dedicated server is a private server that is dedicated to a company or single person. Unlike VPS or Share hosting plans, the web server that is servicing your websites is not being used by anyone else.Dedicated web servers are the best friend of the web hosting industry, being the best solution available for small to medium size online business owners.Dedicated web hosting is the most powerful hosting type currently available to the hosting market for public. Dedicated hosting are capable of hosting hundreds of web sites simultaneously without the need for additional features or services. If you are planning on building an online empire then you will definitely need a dedicated server.With a dedicated server, you never have to worry about slow loading pages, site downtime or unnecessary limitations caused by a shared hosting environment.

If you own a large business , then you may want to consider upgrading to a dedicated hosting plan. This is especially lower down your site down time or other performance issues with your current hosting plans.If you are new in web hostin then using a dedicated hosting plan as your first web hosting experience is not recommended. Instead, you can start with a shared or VPS hosting plan, both are suitable solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Privacy, power and Control.There are plenty of other advantages associated with having a dedicated hosting plans the incredible capabilities of a dedicated server. Decicated hosting plans come with multiple IP addresses, allowing you to plan different websites on their own IP addresses. rather than sharing one IP address with hundreds of other website owners.

13What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. Humans access information online through domain names, like or Web browsers interact through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

14Which is better – managed or unmanaged?

The benefits of a dedicated server may sound great, it should be noted than there are two different kinds of dedicated server plans, and they are completely different in terms of the use. If you have no experience with server management then you will definitely need a full managed dedicated web hosting account. On the other hand if you are experience with web servers the you may be get by with unmanaged hosting. In unmanaged hosting you have to take care of the administration tasks by yourself.

15What is bandwidth?

Web hosting bandwidth is measured of data being transmitted through your web server at a given period of time.Bandwidth is perhaps the most important because it dictates how many visitors your website can handle during a single time period.

16Why are control panels used?

Control panels have replaced programming and other web skills that are no longer needed for site and server administration.Control panels help you simplify the process of operating web sites and controlling the features of your web hosting account.process that take hours to complete can be reduced to minutes with control

One of the advantageous of content management systems is the ability to quickly create web sites with no programming or web design skills. with content management systems like WordPress it has never been easier to design and manage multiple web sites.

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol used to protect data as it is transmitted between devices on the Internet.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client is a simple program that connects your computer to your web server. These programs are used to upload or download large data to or from the web server to the user’s computer.FTP clients like FileZilla and CuteFTP are some of the most popular.

When login into you control panel, you will notice a set of module arranged in rows. Each row contains a different section of website and sever management. Most comman used module are email module(you can check site email and create mail accounts), domain manager( which lets you assign new domains and manage current domain and subdomains), redirects (which lets you assign specific redirects from one web page to other), FTP section (you can set up access to your web server through and FTP client).