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Windows VPS Hosting

Seize the opportunity of making your website recognized globally in the least possible time with our most reliable Windows VPS.

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Get the cheapest Windows VPS hosting solution with seamless data security and uninterrupted high-grade performance.

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Billo W1



Monthly Price

2 Core CPU


50 GB SSD Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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3 Core CPU


80 GB SSD Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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Billo W3



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4 Core CPU


120 GB SSD Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

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Monthly Price

6 Core CPU


150 GB SSD Storage

2 TB Bandwidth

1 Gbps Shared Port

USA Location

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Multiple Choice of Operating System

Hostbillo renders an extensive range of operating systems highly renowned for efficient performance. Opt for your choice of an operating system, and we will set it up for you.


Windows 2012


Windows 2016


Windows 2019

Why Choose Windows VPS Hosting?



We render the support of our powerful hardware specifications and advanced core processors to deliver the 99.90% uptime network guarantee.



You acquire the most potent and compelling Solid State Drives for the data storage to experience the flawless website's speed and performance.



You get Plesk/WHM to easily operate and manage your VPS account(s) without any technical expertise while being able to customize your hosting resources as required.



With our Windows VPS hosting, we ensure cutting-edge data security features including IP Blocking, phpMyAdmin access, Anti Spam & Virus Protection, Password Protect Directories, Website Statistics with AWstats, and many more.


What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting functions on virtualization technology with Windows operating system running at the server's base. Multiple virtual private servers are formed by partitioning the main physical server with the help of Hypervisor software. With each VPS, one gets the independent and isolated hosting environment, dedicated web resources, root-level access, and many more privileges. Moreover, VPS with Windows comes up with high compatibility support for Microsoft applications. It also provides user-friendly Graphical Interfaces for easy and effortless administration. At Hostbillo, we ensure no upfront cost or burdens of Windows licensing and provide 24/7 real-time monitoring for the same. You can successfully host an unlimited number of websites with our Windows VPS hosting.

Hostbillo - Best Windows VPS Hosting Provider

Hostbillo web hosting company is considered the best and leading Windows VPS hosting provider in the industry. We are well recognized for our world-class web hosting services as well as our ability to cater to all the data center services demands of the customers. We offer a wide array of Cheap Windows VPS hosting plans and packages to let you discover the best hosting solution for your specific business necessities. Further, with each VPS Windows hosting plan, we guarantee you the high availability of resources, seamless performance, root access, high scalability, unlimited bandwidth, and other hyper-scale hosting facilities to advance your business effectively in the fast-paced world.


What Makes Hostbillo VPS Windows Hosting Different?


High Privacy

Hostbillo takes care of the customers' data privacy concerns. We provide a Service Level Agreement(SLA) to ensure high privacy and complete data protection with our robust as well as reliable VPS Windows hosting.


Advanced Security

Our Windows VPS hosting involves high technology-based security measures such as Malware Scans & Removals, Digital Signature, SSL Security, Data Encryption, and much more to ensure the full protection against all outside attacks and suspicious activities.


Optimized Performance

In order to sustain your website's optimized performance and boost your VPS speed, we deliver the constant availability of dedicated resources and network connectivity with premium hardware quality tools.


DDoS Protection

You get the possibility to secure the network penetration to protect your data from DDoS(Denial of Service attacks). Our VPSs utilize advanced software to analyze the incoming web traffic and deny access to any unauthentic traffic.


Instant Deployment

Usually, instant deployment takes around 60 minutes. However, our team lets you have Windows VPS set up within a short period as soon as you place your order with us and get confirmed from our side for the same.


7 days Credit-back guarantee

We assure our customers of excellent hosting services and real-time customer support. At the same time, we provide a 7-days credit-back guarantee in case you still need to host your site on another plan after investing in any of our Windows VPS plans.

Get a Range of Features with our Windows VPS Hosting Plans

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Windows Remote Desktop

Our Windows VPS hosting is the ideal choice for you to access files effortlessly and quickly. It enables you to access your desktop remotely round the clock from anywhere or any corner of the globe.

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Experience a Better Stability and Speed

You get robust hardware specifications and reliable network connectivity through optic fiber cables with Hostbillo Windows VPS hosting. They make you experience better stability and speed of your website.

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Enhanced Security

We never dissatisfy our valuable customers with our security services. You get standard and advanced security infrastructure with your Windows VPS hosting plan to intensify the security levels of web hosting.

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20X Fast Server

Under our Windows VPS hosting, you can achieve 20X faster server speed for boosting your SEO efforts. This further helps to raise the ranking of your website on Google for increasing client conversion rates.

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Get More Power With Control Panel for OS

We provide a Plesk control panel with cheap Windows VPS hosting plans. It is the user-friendly and most powerful control panel that enables you to execute multiple tasks and manage website’s internal functionality parallelly.

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Administrator Access

You can obtain complete administration access to your Windows virtual private server from Hostbillo. This gives you the complete freedom to modify the resources and configurations according to your needs.

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Get Ranking Boost in Search Engine(s)

With our Windows VPS hosting, your website acquires maximum uptime, instant web page loading speed, secure channels, and unlimited bandwidth. This enables your website to get the best possible ranking on the search engines.

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Regular Backups

We make sure that our customers do not encounter any sort of data loss. So, we offer an automated data backup facility that allows you to generate and secure multiple copies of your website's data or files frequently.

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Easy Customization

We let you have the flexibility to easily customize CPU cores, applications, SSD storage, bandwidth, hardware/software specifications, and server settings at your convenience whenever required with our Windows VPS hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting FAQs

With the Hostbillo VPS hosting, you get access to the cheapest yet high-grade and hyper-scale resources and facilities. Moreover, you can acquire on-demand backups, high scalability, and a high level of data security with your Windows VPS hosting. This lets you have the opportunity to boost your website with much more ease.

With the Windows VPS hosting, we ensure numerous significant benefits. Following are some of them -

- Private, dedicated, and scalable resources

- 24/7 technical support with both unmanaged and fully-managed Windows VPS hosting plans

- High efficiency with secure channels

- 20X faster server speed

- Consistent and reliable network connectivity

- Affordable resources and hosting services and much more.

3Do I have the option to install my own operating system on a VPS server?

Yes, we enable our customers to install any operating system version that they find most compatible and supportive with their website or web business. At Hostbillo, you get the choice to install different prevalent and effective versions of either Windows OS or Linux OS.

4 What is the difference between Linux and Windows VPS Hosting?

The differences between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting lie in their technology, services, accessibility, and dependability. Linux lets you alter its existing code to secure your site by detecting its vulnerabilities and threats. Whereas Windows VPS Hosting utilizes Windows technology and lets you operate web-based applications on your server. It is comparatively more expensive and user-friendly than Linux VPS Hosting.

We offer two different types of control panels with our virtual private server depending upon the operating system you choose. One is the Plesk control panel that comes with Windows VPS hosting. And the other is cPanel which comes with a Linux control panel. They both are highly popular and user-friendly. They are not included in the plans, but can be purchased as an Addon service.

Yes, we let our customers upgrade their virtual private server hosting plans easily as and when required. For that, you just have to connect to our support team and convey to them about your needs. And the team then upgrades your VPS within the shortest possible time.

7Can I buy VPS Windows hosting without a domain name?

A domain is essential for your web hosting. All our VPS hosting plans provide your website with a unique IP address that directly connects it with VPS. If you already have a domain name from another web host, you can just purchase VPS Hosting at Hostbillo. Or else, you can also have the domain name from us at the most affordable additional charges.

8Is there anything I can do when my Windows VPS server crashes?

Take these steps to enable the recovery of your Windows VPS Server if it crashes -

- Click on Start Menu> Run.

- Type and enter in services msc.

- In the Services tab, discover the vital services you wish to configure.

- Right-click and select the “Properties” option on the service name.

- Select the “Recovery” tab when your windows get opened.

- In the drop-down menu, locate the right choice for you and select “Restart the Service.”

- Click Apply>OK.

9How can I get assured that Hostbillo hosting is secure?

Hostbillo provides you a service level agreement that ensures a high level of data security measures that protects your website integrity and server data from unauthorized access as well as hacks. These high authentic security measures incorporate SSL certificates, Regular updates, Strong Password Policies, Accessibility privileges, and much more.

10What is the setup time for Hostbillo's VPS hosting?

We at Hostbillo attempt to set up your VPS hosting account in the least possible time. Usually, the process takes about 60 minutes to have your VPS setup ready-to-use VPS Setup. So, once you place the order and get confirmation from our side about the same, you will have your full VPS Setup in just an hour.