How to Choose the Best Domain Name: 14 Tips and Tools

When starting your own blog or another site, selecting the domain name is quite challenging or stressful at first because you could not afford mistakes. Usually, beginners often ask about what Domain Name is and how it works when they scroll up our site to place an order. If you are also a newcomer in the web hosting industry and don’t know about the concept of Domain Name and the terms associated with it. Then, it might sound too technical for you. But still, aware that when you host any site, you just need a domain.

In this beginners’ guide, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Domain Names and how they work. The primary goal of this post is to make you understand the right domain for your website. Let’s get started!

What does Domain mean?

The Domain Name is the website address that internet users type in their system browser bar to come across your site. In simple terms, if your site is your farmhouse or anything, then the domain is just like the address of your home. 

In detail, the internet is an extensive interconnected network of computers through a global network of cables. Each computer or system available on the network can easily communicate with the other computers.

To identify which computer communicated to which one, each assigned with a unique IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An Internet address consists of a set of numbers that identifies a computer. An IP Address looks like this:

With its representation, it seems to be challenging to remember. Just imagine if you had to learn a series or sequence of these numbers to land your favorite websites. This might not be possible. That’s why the concept of Domain Name comes into the spotlight.

So, if you want to search any website or visit a new site, you are not required to learn such a series or long string of numbers. Instead, you can use the domain name of a particular website and type it on your search bar. For example,

How do Domain Names Actually Work?

To comprehend the working of a Domain Name, we will let you know what happens when you open a browser in your system.

When you open your system browser and type your domain name, it sends your requested query to the Global Server Networks that build the DNS(Domain Name System).

From their database, these servers search for the name servers for the domain you are requesting and forward your request to them.

Let’s take an example. If your site is hosted on Hostbillo, then its name server information looks like this:

These name servers are none other than the system that your company manages. Your hosting company from where you purchase the domain will forward your request to the computer where all your site data is stored.

These computers which forward your request are called web servers. There is so much special software installed on such computers. The web server then fetches and summons all the information and data associated with the web pages of your site. Finally, it sends this data back to your browser from which you have made a search.

14 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

To make the Domain Selection Process easier and simple for you, we have simply framed the easiest 14 ways you can keep in mind while choosing the best domain for your website. 

#1. Stick with .com

In the web hosting industry, there is no shortage of new domain names, and its extensions vary from the original .com and .net to niche extensions like .pand and .photo.

You can opt for any of the domain names that suit or define your business needs. But we must recommend opting for the .com domain name. While it can be an attractive extension for your sites but still one of the most popular domain name extensions. 

In our belief, if you choose the newer domain which is less trustworthy such as .ninja, .photography, etc., it affects the customer conversion rates while making your website low trustable. Domains with a .com extension are the most common and trusted. Many business owners, users, and individuals opt for this domain to avoid the risk. Also, a button for this domain name is available on most of the keyboards.

#2. Use Keywords in your Domain Name Search

Keywords are the king of your content that tells everything about the main idea or concept. A domain name is nothing without them. By employing the keywords in your domain name, you are telling search engines about the primary concept of your website. Additionally, with better user experience and quality content, keywords in your domain can help you rank your site at the top of Google.

Still, it is challenging to figure out the best domain with your targeted keywords that other users are not already in use. You’ll need to be more imaginative when it comes to combining your main or targeted keywords within the sentences to make your domain stand out. 

#3. Use a short domain name

Keywords are the most crucial but try to avoid stuffing with domain length. However, it’s better to have a short and remarkable domain name. We must recommend you not exceed your domain name by more than 15 characters. If you choose a long Domain name, then it’s hard to remember it. This is not to mention, that users are still prone to choose the long Domain name which could lead to traffic loss. That’s why it’s a better way to keep your Domain Length as short as possible.

#4. Use easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-spell words

You should choose a friendly domain name that is easily pronounceable. The reason for this is that you never know when you will have to share your domain name with someone else. If you are wondering about creating a professional email name based on your domain name, you should definitely let your user comprehend and spell your domain name.

#5. Make it unique and brandable

It’s highly recommendable to choose the unique Domain Name that is easily readable and brandable. This means if you are trying to copy the domain or trademark of another niche, the more chances you get accused. However, choose a completely friendly, brandable, unique, catchy, and memorable Domain Name. You can take the help of Domain Name Search or Domain Name Generator. 

#6. Do not use hyphens in the domain name

Hyphens are generally a sign of a spam Domain Name and are also prone to typos. Therefore, you should not create Hyphenated Domains. If you mistakenly choose the Hyphenated Domain Name that has already been taken, you end up losing your potential customers, traffic, and sales. This affects your revenue and business eminence.

#7. Ensure that no double letters are used

It’s highly suggested to avoid opting for Double letters because it influences the chances of losing traffic. Also, it makes your domain complicated to type and more brandable. However, choose the Double letters free domain Name. 

#8. Leave room for expansion

It’s best to opt for the industry-related Domain Name that represents your brand and tells you about the central idea of your website. But don’t forget to choose a name of fewer than 15 characters. Such as Florist can choose a domain name like So, users who have an interest in orchids may easily get attracted. Further, migrating your data to a new domain can cause data loss and low rankings. That’s why it’s recommended to opt for a flexible domain name that is easily readable and brandable. 

#9. Do homework on the domain name

Before doing research, ensure the domain name you are going to pick is not used by any other user or organization. To ensure uniqueness, you can do trademark research. You can also make a google search to check the Domain Name Availability on top social channels. Once you start your own site and ensure it runs efficiently, you can learn more about the copyright and trademark of your site.

#10. Create clever domain names with domain generators

Currently, when going to search for the domain name, you’ll find that 360 million domains are registered. It appears all the good domains have been taken. However, manually researching your domain name is very challenging and time-consuming. That’s what the Domain Name Generator comes for. It is an open-source and completely free tool that automatically shows you the result for your defined keywords. 

#11. Be quick before someone else takes it

Each day hundreds of thousands of domain names are registered from different parts of the countries or across the globe. So, if you find out the domain name you are looking for, then instead of waiting for the other one, just buy it now. If you are late to make decisions, then someone else may register for your domain name idea. 

#12. Best Place to Register a Domain Name

Several domain registrars are available on the internet. Therefore, choose your domain name very carefully; otherwise, you’ll have to face many problems later. Like web hosting, Domain Registration prices are low, and you can sometimes get it free with your web hosting. 

#13. Get free Domain with Web Hosting

Nowadays, most companies offer the Free Domain name within the package of their web hosting. So, it’s better to buy it separately from another web host. You can take its benefits by opting for a reliable web host. For that, you can opt for our Linux Shared Hosting (Billo SH4) or Windows Shared Hosting (Billo WH4) plans with which you’ll be given free domain hosting.

#14. Most Popular Domain Registrars

The Domain Registrar allows you to directly purchase a domain name without hosting. Generally, is the most widely used and popular domain registrar from where you can buy the unique, simple yet attractive domain name. You can even buy it from Hostbillo or similar sites. 

Free Domain Registration with Web Hosting

When you want a free domain name and web hosting services, it’s recommended to opt for Hostbillo. It is the best provider that gives you a unique domain name and the services you are looking for. It will save the cost, time, and efforts that you could put into managing your server. From a single provider, you can even enjoy the exclusive benefits of hosting and domain name. All the enterprise-grade services that Hostbillo offers undoubtedly help you boost your business, improve your google ranking, and maximize your sales. However, you won’t go anywhere else when Hostbillo is here!


If you want to start your own business or blogging site and want a unique, simple, and engaging domain name, Choose Hostbillo’s web hosting plans with which you’ll get a free Domain Name and an ample range of dedicated resources. Further, follow the guidelines and steps mentioned in this post to quickly find the Best Domain Name for your website at an affordable price. 

That’s all! We hope this guide is beneficial and helps you select a perfect Domain Name for your site or business. Thank you!

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