6 Reseller Hosting Myths you Need to Know

It is a well-known reality that, in today’s world, businesses require to establish a strong and impressive web presence to compete at the forefront of the Internet market. But before anything, a business website requires to be hosted on a server that helps make it available for all the web users. Furthermore, the hosting server is also responsible for storing the website’s codes and data files. The type of hosting server you use determines the performance and security of your business website. As a consequence, website hosting has risen up and become a huge business in the industry. This is especially when it comes to reseller hosting.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs capitalize on this growth opportunity by granting their own reseller hosting services. Some utilize the opportunity to make a reseller hosting business an extra source of income, and others create a full-income flow from reseller hosting businesses.

Before you dive into the area of being a reseller web host, you must be aware of different myths that hover over the industry about this reseller hosting option. This article will let you know about those myths in the subsequent sections. Let us first attempt to apprehend what actually the term reseller hosting business means. 

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the service where you get the opportunity to render the web hosting services to the end customers as if you own the Web hosting company. However, in reality, your web hosting provider lets you do that by offering the required resources and assistance. You will purchase the hosting resources and support from your hosting provider and then, you will utilize them to resell the hosting services to your own clients. Mainly there are two popular types of reseller hosting services – Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

The reseller hosting business has become majorly popular because of its low initial costs and fewer hassles. You will not at all have to build, control and run a Web hosting infrastructure. Your hosting provider will take the responsibility of handling the security and management of the server space and infrastructure. You can start your reseller hosting business from anywhere around the world. It benefits the most to the web developers and designers who aspire to unite additional services of hosting to their brand to let the customers have everything under one roof. All you need to figure out is the right web hosting provider. You must pick the Web hosting company which has the ideal reputation in the industry for its service and upon which you can rely on. 

Now that you have understood enough about the reseller hosting business, it’s time to get insights into the major six myths about reseller hosting. 

6 Myths about Reseller Hosting 

Myth #1: It is a competitive domain with a low-profit standard.

This myth is just in the industry air like a rumour. However, it does make aspiring business entrepreneurs run away from investing in the reseller web hosting business. You also often get to hear that this domain is very competitive.

But if you look into the actual side, you will understand that the reseller web hosting business is the ground where even those people who have no experience can acquire profit as a reseller with the right marketing approach. You can find many web hosting companies providing services at cheaper rates so that you can resell the hosting services to your end customers at affordable prices. The central web hosting providers are more than willing to offer reseller hosting facilities to the ones who are looking forward to becoming reseller web host. It is because this idea profits both the reseller and the main web hosting provider. 

Myth #2: Reseller hosting is quite complex. 

The second myth that you are getting aware of is truly just a puffed-up myth. We can agree that the reseller hosting business does have a small learning curve and may require a little effort from your side. However, it is more simple, straightforward, and convenient than you think. You will only have to acquire the standard knowledge and not the expertise for being a reseller. You will be acting as a middleman for the leading hosting company and the users who require hosting services. You will not have to purchase or maintain hardware, and accommodate data centres and security systems. 

Myth #3: Resellers are required to draw the attention of customers for a few months.

When you are running your business in the hosting industry, you will definitely have long-term customer relationships. However, it does not count for you to take a break after creating a solid customer base for your own hosting business. It will serve as an absurdity to just consider a handful of customers and expect to generate revenue from them. This is not how it works. You must not let new customers and leads go away once you establish your reseller hosting business. You are needed to put consistent efforts to intensify customer loyalty and attempt to draw new clients steadily. 

Myth #4: Customer assistance will be daunting. 

Customer support service comes at the core of the business and plays a crucial role in building the brand’s reputation. There exists a huge misconception in the minds of potential hosting resellers that they will require to provide all the customer support and technical assistance to their end customers from their side. On the contrary, it is not actually that way. Your hosting provider will also take charge of handling the support services for your reseller hosting business. The hosting provider makes sure that everything from setting up a reseller dedicated server to the upgrades are being taken care of. 

Myth #5: You cannot profess to be a full-service hosting company for your customers.

This myth cannot be a true statement because if it is, then why would anyone pick up the reseller hosting business knowing that there is a plethora of hosting companies. The reality says that your hosting provider will let you serve your customer base as an independent web host. You will acquire the white-labelled facility from your hosting provider, which will provide you with 100% identification privacy from the primary hosting company.

Myth #6: You are not required to have any technical knowledge about hosting.

This is yet another myth. You must be familiar with what you are offering to your end customers. You must always attempt to have crystal clear knowledge about your web hosting services’ processes, hardware, resources, plans, and specs. It will let you sustain customers, understand their needs and expand your reseller hosting business further. 


The myths that we have studied above are the major ones that people often talk about, but still, they are few in numbers. Once you enter into the industry and market, you may encounter many. However, in no way, these myths should influence your decision of beginning your reseller hosting business. You must ensure that you do your due diligence. You must study the hosting business as much as you can, covering the pros and cons of the different hosting servers. It will help you to provide your end customers with the best hosting service.

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