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What is VPS Server?

Among the web hosting solutions available in the industry, VPS is becoming the foremost choice of many users due to its affordability as well as high-grade benefits at the same time. VPS is a virtual private server that can be referred to as a virtual machine or container devised to function as an independent platform on a physical server. In this article, we have highlighted all the insights you must know about VPS hosting before you pick any web hosting service for your website, application, or web business. Let us first begin with apprehending how a virtual private server works. 

How Does a VPS Work?

The VPS hosting is typically based on virtualization technology. A virtual private server runs its own operating system in an assigned physical server’s portion. It acquires dedicated space and web resources of the physical server while providing a virtual and isolated hosting environment. A single physical server operates numerous virtual private servers. All this is accomplished by partitioning the central physical server with the help of type 1 or 2 hypervisor software, such as Virtuozzo, VirtualBox, etc. The VPS server lets you interact with its platform just as you can with a  physical, dedicated server.

This also leads you to acquire various privileges and advantages that dedicated server hosting provides. Although the Best VPS hosting does not let you modify the kernel, it does not really matter for most people anyway. Each VPS server possesses distinct resources, settings, databases, and files required by the user owning it. 

Why Understanding VPS Server is Important?

It is always wise to examine your requirements before purchasing any web hosting plan. We help our customers and clients migrate between different hosting plans. However, researching a bit about which web server hosting can meet your needs can save you a considerable amount of money, energy, and time. Moreover, analyze your need for a type of operating system, WebHost Manager (WHM) to administer customers with domain names or cPanel accounts, root access, and other such factors. They provide you with the direction for acquiring the most reliable web hosting option and guaranteed success.

Since VPS serves as an upgraded option after shared server hosting and is the best alternative for dedicated server hosting, understanding VPS Server helps you choose the right web hosting solution for your website, application, or online business.

The type of web hosting holds significant power to make or break your online presence. In the current times, when every Internet user demands high reliability, robust security, and the fastest speed, you can not risk running a website that is not up to the mark. In fact, more than half of all consumers leave a web page if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. This is also the reason why VPS hosting Server has gained recognition in recent years. It provides a cost-effective way for startups, online businesses, eCommerce webpreneurs, bloggers, and other websites to attain more processing power and deliver a seamless end-user experience without buying an entire dedicated server for the same.

What is VPS Hosting Used For?

Virtual private server hosting finds its place in a wide range of aspects and fields. Here are mentioned some of the essential VPS server usages –

  • Streaming live events
  • Hosting blogs
  • Hosting small to medium-sized businesses with scalability
  • Hosting private video teleconference
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Managing project and other custom tasks
  • Hosting multiple apps or websites
  • Customer relationship management (CRM), etc.   

Types of VPS Servers

Cheap VPS hosting can be broadly classified into two categories – Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS hosting. 

Managed VPS Server Hosting

A managed VPS hosting can sometimes refer to as fully managed virtual private server hosting. It comes with pre-installed server administration software. In managed VPS hosting, your hosting provider takes complete charge of your server’s maintenance and efficient functioning. It lets you save your time and invest your focus on growing the other aspects of your online presence. Generally, managed VPS hosting is the appropriate choice for those users who are new to the web hosting industry, lack the technical knowledge to operate a server, or do not have time to manage the VPS. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The unmanaged VPS hosting lets you manage, administer and operate your virtual private server on your own. The hosting provider lets you have root control of your server. You can customize the settings, applications, and software as and when you require. However, you can still acquire 24/7 technical assistance with unmanaged VPS hosting from a few web hosting providers. Generally, unmanaged VPS hosting is a suitable choice for those users who wish to have complete control over their VPSs and possess enough technical knowledge or team expertise to operate the servers. 

VPS Server Benefits

Let us understand the VPS hosting benefits by comparing it with the other two popular web hosting technologies in the industry -Shared server hosting and Dedicated server hosting. 

VPS vs. Shared Hosting

Just like VPS, with shared server hosting, you share the space and resources of the central physical server with many users. However, unlike shared server hosting, VPS hosting provides you access to the following privileges and benefits – 

  • You obtain the hosting isolated hosting space with the required dedicated resources that no other user can take away even during heavy loads of high web traffic volume on their website.
  • You get the possibility of high scalability and can upgrade your resources as per the necessities. 
  • You can obtain the root control of your VPS in order to configure the settings and customize the applications and software on your own. 
  • You do not have to go with the OS your hosting provider is running on the physical server’s base and can install any operating system that you find most compatible with your web business or website. 
  • VPS hosting offers more stability, consistent performance, and flexibility.
  • It provides better SEO and fewer spam blacklisting problems as you attain the dedicated IP address with a virtual private server and other key hosting benefits.
  • You get higher and better security as the virtualization process secures VPS containers against cyberattacks that target other customers. Also, with the root access control, you as an administrator can execute a lot more measures to solidify your VPS security.

VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting

For most users, Cheap VPS Hosting is the ideal option as it provides a number of functionalities of dedicated server hosting at a much lower cost. For instance, independent hosting environment, root access, customization flexibility, dedicated resources, robust security, high scalability, etc.  Moreover, you get the following advantages with virtual private server hosting over Dedicated Server Hosting – 

  • You can obtain as little or as much administration and control based on your needs.
  • You do not have to take charge of the entire physical server and its hardware. 
  • You only need to pay for what you employ.
  • You can save time reviewing and managing the entire server platform. 

Do I Really Need VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting enables you to build and advance your online business with utmost ease. It lets you overcome the limitations of shared server hosting and obtain the privileges of dedicated server hosting at the most affordable rates. With the best VPS server, you can gain –

  • Enhanced data security with independent and private hosting environment
  • Consistent optimal performance 
  • Faster web page loading speed and better SEO ranking
  • Root access for easy configurations and customizations
  • Higher availability of resources with their dedicated support
  • Flexibility and scalability in web hosting

Numerous shared server hosting customers upgrade to virtual private server hosting as soon as they exceed database resources allotted on previous machines, their web traffic starts increasing, or they plan to expand their business. On the other side, many users who may require a dedicated server choose to settle with VPS Server Hosting due to the following reasons –

  • VPS offers a cheaper, cost-effective computing solution with the needed amount of dedicated resources 
  • They acquire technical support from the web hosting company, also, they do not have to take responsibility for the complete physical server. 

In a nutshell, if you aim to acquire a good amount of web traffic and set up a remarkable online presence, VPS Server can be the perfect solution for you. At Hostbillo, we provide a varied range of best VPS plans with the choice of managed and unmanaged hosting. We let our customers acquire 99.90% uptime, 24/7 technical support via experts, consistent & secure networking, top-tier equipment, and many other additional features such as SSL, WHM, DDoS protection, etc., all at the most competitive prices. Browse our VPS Server Hosting services right away and get excellent performance with best-in-class data security features.

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