Shared Hosting

 What is Shared Hosting?

Are you seeking to establish your web presence with the minimum investment? Do you also wish to host your website without bothering about the fine-tuning and management or administration of the server? Then, shared hosting is the apt web hosting solution for you. The shared server hosting plans let you easily as well as quickly make your website available and accessible on the Internet. Under shared server hosting, you acquire direct access to all the tools you and your website require by just renting out a portion of the parent server while your web hosting company runs, handles, and maintains the server. Continue reading to grab insights into everything you need to know about shared server hosting. 

What is Shared Hosting?

A web hosting account enables you to store data associated with your website, form email addresses employing your domain name, and make your website online. Shared hosting is the type of web hosting service that permits multiple users having individual internet domains to employ and share a single physical server as well as its resources to host their websites. The shared server hosting resembles renting an apartment in a building (webserver) shared with various other tenants where you bring up your own personal stuff (website) into the respective apartment. Moreover, you also get the possibility to host multiple websites under a single user account. All you need to do is upgrade your simple account to begin hosting other websites on the same web hosting plan.

Your web host takes the responsibility of ensuring the efficient functioning and maintenance of the shared server while you keep your full focus on growing your website. The sharing of the physical server and resources further makes the pricing of the shared server hosting plans cheaper than all the other available web hosting solutions in the industry. Therefore, shared hosting is considered an excellent choice for blogs, personal websites, small web businesses, and other applications that do not require many resources, do not get a high volume of traffic, and do not need much control over the web hosting server. It is a highly feasible, easily accessible, safe hosting service. 

It does not matter if your skillset involves a comprehensive knowledge of website designing and server maintenance or not, you can always give a kick-start to your web presence with the help of shared server hosting even if you have never built your website ever before. 

At Hostbillo, we provide managed hosting service with shared server hosting plans and packages. This makes you completely free from most of the basic as well as repetitious tasks of server management and administration. Our team of proficient experts and specialists handles and takes charge of everything related to the shared server. Furthermore, the experienced and skilled administrators still get access to the spectrum of features that come with cPanel, incorporating  DNS customization and database administration and in the zone editor. 

Benefits of Shared Hosting

Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared server hosting is highly affordable and the cheapest option available in the market. However, the low cost of the shared server hosting plans does not tend to eliminate all the hosting benefits. There are plenty of advantages that you can grab with shared hosting. Two of the most crucial ones are highlighted below! 

Quick Support and Maintenance

Under shared server hosting, the entire server, including its hardware and other key components, is operated, managed, and maintained by highly qualified and skilled systems administrators. They address and resolve the issues of website downtime with fast response rates and technical assistance. Since various users make use of the same hosting server, any technical issue that comes up at one user’s end can also affect the other users’ websites. 

Hostbillo web hosting company ensures that technical problems and security concerns are handled and resolved proactively by a team of experts. We enable our customers to invest their time and focus on advancing their website or online business while we take care of all the aspects of the web hosting server. 

User Friendly

You can obtain simple yet efficient tools to set up, configure, and customize your website. Hostbillo provides an extensive range of such tools to help you easily build a professional-looking website without requiring any knowledge of coding and technicality. Further, as soon as you buy a required web hosting plan and upload website files, the only step that you have to take is to point your domain to your web hosting account. Afterward, your customized website will be up online and become capable of acquiring traffic quickly. 

We also provide user-friendly control panels to our customers in order to save time that is required to deal with the common website management jobs. Moreover, with the shared server hosting, you can also get visitor statistics, marketing tools, email accounts, and other such elements from many web hosts for designing as well as marketing your website better and drawing a good amount of new visitors to your site. 

When Not to Use Shared Hosting

When Not to Use Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows customization facility up to a certain extent and does not provide any user root access to the hosting server. It makes you host your website in a shared hosting environment with many other websites on a common server. As a result, the hosting server is set up in a way that allows popular frameworks such as  WordPress to operate smoothly with standard configurations. So, there is no issue if you want to install WordPress or execute fundamental coding such as HTML, CSS, etc. All this does not require you to attain root access to your server and can be achieved with the basic setup of your shared server hosting account. 

Moreover, with shared hosting, you can also easily apply basic security measures like Sucuri, SSL certificates, and ModSecurity without having to possess much technical knowledge and acquire root control of the server. However, if you require the following things in your hands then you need to switch your shared hosting plan and consider dedicated server hosting or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting instead –

  • You require a custom site framework that is not already installed on your web hosting server in order to accommodate your website needs.
  • You need to optimize the resources of your server for the particular tasks of the website.
  • You require more control over the web resources and need to let your website attain the highest uptime with almost zero downtime. 
  • Your website demands a considerable amount of web resources and high-level data security features. 

All the above-mentioned points are met by acquiring the root access control of your web hosting server or platform. Unless you need to have complete control over your server for installing specific software and customizing configurations, shared hosting is your perfect option for the beginning. 

Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans

Linux Shared Hosting

Under Linux-shared web hosting, the web hosting server runs the Linux operating system at its core. Since Linux is an open-source OS, it is free to utilize. Also, it comes with an ample amount of features, high hosting flexibility, and community support. 

Windows Shared Hosting 

Under the Windows shared web hosting, the web hosting server runs the Windows operating system at its core. Since Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation, you require a license to employ it. Also, it comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) and excellent Microsoft team support. 

Shared Hosting Add-Ons

Shared Hosting Add-Ons

Some of the significant add-ons that you can have with shared server hosting are – 

The shared hosting plans can be broadly categorized on the basis of the operating system. The two most prevalent and popular operating systems that web hosts employ at the base of the web hosting servers are – Windows and Linux. So, the plans for having these at the server’s core are termed Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared hosting. Let’s get a quick glimpse of them! 

Backup Manager

You can acquire the support of a backup manager with the shared server hosting plans. This lets you ensure the complete data security of your website data as well as helps restore the data easily and quickly whenever needed. 

Dedicated SSL

You can acquire free and secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) through cPanel for your website from many web hosts. Moreover, you may need to pay for the SSLs for the specific payment processors because of insurance reasons. These certificates usually come as add-ons with the shared server hosting plans. 

Dedicated IP Address

You can obtain a dedicated IP address with your shared server hosting plan if you require one for your online business. The dedicated IP address, also known as a unique IP address, is highly useful for optimizing specific mail-related and SEO tasks. 

Managed Hosting

With Shared hosting, you can also opt for the managed hosting service in order to acquire help at the ‘back-end’ and server-related issues. With managed shared hosting, you get assistance in everything, from constructing a new data pipeline and optimizing your website’s resource usage to creating an entirely new framework. 

Shared Hosting Support

Whether you wish to create a web presence or revamp your existing website, if you own a small-scale online business or a small website, shared hosting is the ideal web hosting solution for you. Without the requirement of any advanced configurations or settings and technical expertise, you can easily and swiftly set up your email and launch your web presence in no time. We at Hostbillo offer the excellent and robust support of our 24/7/365 live technical team of professionals and experts who provide instant responses and the best solutions to all your queries and server issues. If you have any inquiries or want to grab further detailed knowledge about the shared server hosting plans and packages, you can right away connect to our sales team over the preferred communication medium. 

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