cPanel Price Hikes: Everything you Need to Know


The cPanel market is expanding due to a rise in hosting companies and the increasing relevance of a website for just about every business. cPanel is a simple and user-friendly application for managing hosting accounts.

cPanel has announced a considerable rise in the price of its licenses. cPanel is standing by its choice despite receiving a lot of criticism, saying that since it previously announced its price, its hardware had gotten improved. Hostbillo, like all of cPanel’s partners, got impacted by this move, prompting us to reconsider and revise our plans.

However, Hostbillo was among the few organizations that managed to keep our customers satisfied during the transition. To allow you time to adjust, Hostbillo has decided not to release any sudden hike in the prices right now. However, the prices may change in the future depending on the scenario. Read this article to know more about Cpanel rising costs.

Why So Much Price Hike?

As stated in the official release statement, the updates are in effect from December 16th, 2022. As adjustments generally happen on January 1st of the following year, this is an important detail to keep in mind.

A venture capitalist organization named Oakley Capital acquired cPanel at the start of 2019. This corporation already had a corporate strategy that included multiple web hosting providers and the Plesk control panel. Following the acquisition of cPanel, they skillfully established total control of the control panel industry for web hosting.

As they noted in their report, cPanel was able to successfully introduce a modernized user interface in addition to efficient caching for NGINX. They have also added Ubuntu support and worked hard to make the control panel safer and more stable. In addition, cPanel stated that their teams would be focusing on offering better control and delegation features in 2023.

Hostbillo’s Take on cPanel Price Hike

Our first priority is giving our cPanel users an exceptional and easy-to-use experience. We at Hotbillo’s cPanel hosting network focus on industry advancement, top-notch customer service, and the best support. Unfortunately, as the technology world expands, so does the cost. However, unless you’re seeking the best host for your business, look no further. In essence, we’ll try our hardest to keep our prices from not rising.

For managing their websites, users have turned to cPanel for many years. It is a popular web hosting control panel in contrast to others. cPanel is currently not being replaced. We presently do not believe there is a good alternate solution available that outperforms all of the features of cPanel. Hostbillo is eager to assist. It makes no difference if you are inexperienced in hosting, in the middle of a hosting move, or just want some technological advice. We are happy to assist and guide you if you have any problems with the cPanel pricing or adjustments.

It is our goal to assist you in selecting the best course of action for your company and yourself. Hostbillo is constantly concerned about its clients. We won’t be boosting the prices right away because of this. We always work to give consumers the best products and services at the most affordable prices, and we always work to assist them to the greatest extent we can.

Buzz in the Web Hosting Community

Due to its partnerships with LiteSpeed, Softaculous, JetBackup, PHP Selector, CloudLinux, CageFS, Imunify360, and others, cPanel gained popularity. This benefited cPanel in becoming more dependable, secure, fast, and feature-rich.

Web hosting companies heavily criticized cPanel as a response to this unexpected pricing spike. They received harsh, unpleasant feedback from the audience, with the majority of them threatening to shift to different control panel solutions. Some customers voiced their concern by publishing the raw numbers and explaining how it affected them, and another addressed an official letter to cPanel. After receiving such harsh criticism, cPanel apologized and revealed a new pricing scheme.

If you presently have a cPanel hosting plan with Hostbillo, our experts will contact you and assist you with any necessary changes, upgrades, and so on. When you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach us.

cPanel Alternatives

Given that cPanel’s pricing has been rising continuously over the past several years, it is reasonable why a greater number of people are searching for a different control panel. In theory, cPanel does have competitors, and it’s all healthy open market competition. In reality, cPanel essentially controls the market. But some other choices are:

  • DirectAdmin
  • Plesk
  • Webuzo/BreadBasket
  • InterWorx
  • CentOS Web Panel

Summing Up

You can select cPanel alternative solutions and begin using them if you believe the cPanel price increase will have a significant influence on your company’s financial situation. With these panels, you’ll never experience any significant changes.

We trust that you have a clear understanding of the cPanel pricing increase after reading this post. The majority of the material regarding the cPanel price rise and its effects on the web hosting industry is covered in this article.

We at Hostbillo make it simple to upgrade or downgrade your license if you discover that you are not using your existing cPanel accounts or if you notice that you need more cPanel accounts in the future. If required, we could also guide you in changing your Hosting account.

Learn More about the Price Hike on the official cPanel Forum – New cPanel pricing end of 2022

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