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Microsoft 365 for Individual and Family

Connect with your family in real-time over chat, call, or virtual meetups, whether you are working remotely or onsite. Microsoft 365 is your integrated solution that comes with Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps with cutting-edge security features.

Key Features of Microsoft 365

For Individuals

  • With Microsoft 365, you can easily operate across multiple devices while accessing smart assistance features.
  • You can acquire up to 1 TB of data storage for your business or work.
  • Microsoft 365 comes with advanced security for all your devices and premium Office apps.
  • You can acquire support as and when required through chat or phone at zero cost throughout your subscription.
  • You can run Microsoft 365 on any platform, from Windows, macOS to Android.

For Families

  • With Microsoft 365, a group of family members can easily operate across multiple devices.
  • Microsoft 365 can be employed on numerous platforms including, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Microsoft 365 comes with up to 1 TB of data storage and advanced security for all your devices.
  • It enables the saving and sharing of text files, media files, and other documents across devices with OneDrive.
  • Microsoft 365 subscription can be utilized on up to five devices simultaneously.

Microsoft 365 Uses


Write and Edit in Word and Powerpoint

Microsoft 365 lets you write and present data like a professional. It provides editing as well as writing options under Word and layout suggestions under PowerPoint.

Keep Your Data Safe

You can keep your data files protected and secure with Microsoft 365. You get automatic backups, built-in ransomware detection & recovery, and two-step identity verification.

Access from Any Device

You can access your files and folders as well as edit or send them from any device, including a personal computer, portable device, or mobile phone.

Manage Multiple Calendars

You can manage and work with multiple calendars in a single view to stay updated on time about your meetings, assignments, and other stuff, regardless of being online or offline.

Work Together

You get the possibility to work on your assignments, newsletter, or projects through virtual get-togethers with others for staying connected or getting things done faster.


Stay Close

With a Microsoft 365 Family Subscription, you can build a constant connection among your family members while keeping them updated about your work and doing virtual hang-outs.

Ensure Safety

The Microsoft Family Safety lets you acquire knowledge about the location of your family members and ensure their safety both digitally and physically.

Produce Creative Content

You get the opportunity to employ smart assistance features in each Microsoft app to produce premium creative content with thousands of curated stock images, fonts, and much more.

Protect Important Files

OneDrive cloud storage involves built-in ransomware detection and recovery credentials along with the backup feature to enable you to protect your essential files and folders.

Manage Family Time

With the help of multiple calendars that can be accessed and viewed simultaneously, screen time limits settings, and website filters, you can coordinate and manage your entire family time.

Benefits of Getting Microsoft 365 (Personal and Family) from Hostbillo

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Trusted Microsoft Partner

Hostbillo is the authorized Microsoft Partner. This implies you can easily shift to Microsoft 365 with us and make its best usage for your business.

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Excellent Customer Support

We offer round-the-clock reliable customer support via our experts. You can connect with us over various mediums for any query or issue.

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High Uptime

At Hostbillo, you get the 99.90% uptime network guarantee with the redundant power assurance and service level agreement for seamless performance.

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Data Migration

With the support of our Microsoft 365 migration experts team, you can experience smooth and quick data migration while moving to Microsoft 365.

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Easy Setup

We ensure the easy setup and configuration of your Microsoft 365 as per your requirements while helping to cut down the transition time.

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Greater Security

At Hostbillo, your data gets protection against unauthorized access as well as all the threats hidden in email attachments or links with our rich security policies and features.