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What Makes Hostbillo Your First Choice For India Web Hosting?


Superfast and Reliable

At Hostbillo, we provide web hosting services in india with super fast and powerful servers based on resilient as well as most advanced technologies. They are highly reliable and let your website acquire better search engine rankings and high conversion rates.


99.90% Guaranteed Uptime

You do not have to worry about your website facing downtime. Our web hosting solutions guarantee to render a 99.90% uptime along with secure channels and consistent network connectivity under all our cheap web hosting plans and packages in india.


Integrated Business Solution

Our web hosting company aims to fulfill all the unique requirements of our customers. Further, we commit to providing everything needed to establish a successful online presence. You can acquire the best-integrated business solution with us at certainly low investment.


Unbeatable Security

With every Hostbillo India Web Hosting plan or package, you obtain in-built security features. Some of our essential unbeatable security features are Multi-Factor Authentication, end-to-end encryption, SSL, auto-enabled sFTP, and many more.


Near Instant Provisioning

At Hostbillo, we do not make our customers or clients wait to have their ordered service active. Our experts connect with you as soon as you place your order or query, and you acquire the assurance of near-instant provisioning.


7 days Credit Back Guarantee

Unlike many other Web Hosting Companies in India that offer monthly or no credit back assurance, we provide a 7-days credit back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our provided services or plan to hop to any other web hosting plan.

Get the Hostbillo Advantage in India


Trusted and

We ensure a comprehensively accelerated, user-friendly, and optimal hosting platform with high-grade security measures in order to deliver a seamless experience.


24x7 Customer

At Hostbillo, you get an easy pathway to connect with a customer executive at any time for resolving your queries and acquiring quick support.


7 Days Credit
Back Guarantee

We offer a 7-days credit back guarantee with all our India Web Hosting plans in order to ensure customers a safe and secure money investment.


Highly Experienced

Our technical and customer support teams have highly skilled, experienced professionals who are always on their toes to provide smart and most accessible solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting services enable individuals, organizations, and enterprises to establish their Internet presence via app or website. Moreover, every website, app, and other online entity requires a server on which they can get hosted. The server provides storage space and web facilities. For instance, whenever you enter a domain name or URL of any website into your browser, your computer system sends a request to the server where the respective website or web page is stored. Thus, the sole way for a website to be visible and accessible on the Internet is getting hosted by a web hosting service provider (web host).

What Type of Web Hosting do I Need?

The type of web hosting you should pick entirely depends on the requirements of your website. Some of the factors you can consider are -

Traffic volume you expect on your website

Kind and growth of your website

Type of applications you wish to run

Amount of data you need to store, etc.

In a nutshell, newbies and small-scale websites can pick the shared server hosting plans. For medium-scale websites or those who require dedicated resources and better server control, virtual private server hosting is the right choice. Whereas dedicated server hosting is an ideal choice for users who need the entire server space and high availability as well as scalability of resources to host their website or online business.

What kind of Web Hosting Services does Hostbillo provide in India?

Hostbillo provides various kinds of web hosting services, including -

Shared server hosting

Shared server hosting is typically perfect for portfolios, personal business websites, blogs, database-driven sites, small-sized websites. It comes at the cheapest cost as you share the server space and resources among all the users residing on the same server as you.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting serves as a mid-way between the shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. You get the virtual, independent, and private platform as well as dedicated resources for the hosting purpose even after sharing the server with many other users. It is perfect for medium-size websites or growing websites.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is an excellent web hosting service that helps you to advance your online business with utmost ease. It lets you acquire complete control over your server and enables you to configure as well as customize your server as per your necessities. The dedicated server hosting is the ideal choice for hosting resource-heavy apps and large-size websites.

How do I buy a Domain Name from Hostbillo?

At Hostbillo, you can easily purchase a domain name without any difficulties at an affordable cost. We provide a lot of features that come along with the domain name you purchase. In order to buy a domain name with us, you can utilize our domain search tool. Our tool will tell if the domain you are looking for has already been taken. At the same time, it will provide you with alternative versions of the domain name available.

Mentioned below are some of the perks you will receive after making a purchase with Hostbillo -

WHOIS Privacy Protection for free


Unlimited number of subdomains

Domain setting authorities at your fingertips

How can I Migrate my Website to Hostbillo?

Hostbillo enables you to migrate your website from another web host at a nominal price. From the beginning till the end, our migration team will always be available to assist you in the migration process.

If you wish to migrate your website to Hostbillo, the first move you need to make is to create a Hostbillo account. During the process of signing up, you will find an option that allows you to add your existing domain to your new account. At this point, you do not have to worry about anything because this will not disrupt or affect your current live website in any way. In the next step, you will be required to backup your website files and upload them to Hostbillo. As soon as you migrate your website to Hostbillo's servers, you have to confirm that your website is looking and functioning just as intended. If everything seems fine for you, you will need to point your DNS to Hostbillo in order to make users aware of where to locate you.

If you have some queries before you get going, you can communicate with us, and we will be more than glad to help.

Is your Web Hosting Solutions Secure?

Our servers are secured with advanced security features and software, including, two-factor authentication (2FA), in-built antiviruses, malware scanners, CageFS, and many more. Further, the malware scanning and detection tools built for our servers ensure real-time monitoring and protection. They append additional layers of security with brute-force protection technology in order to guard your websites from security threats. All the attackers will be obstructed from accessing your server. Hostbillo never lets the customers' and clients' data security get comprised at any cost and provide highly-secured and cheap web hosting in India.